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Cadence 3


Have you ever wanted to cringe when you hand out your business card because you hate your company's logo that much? It is time to dump our outdated and stuffy logo that doesn't suit who we are and why our clients hire us.
Cadence 3 is a marketing and professional services firm that clients look to when they need marketing ideas and consultants who can help them get noticed. Our clients hire us because they know that due to our experience we can hit the ground running and help them develop unique marketing programs/campaigns that produce results. They look to us to create the vision and then bring in the great designers, developers, and consultants to bring concept to reality.
We have been rapidly growing over the last four years almost solely based upon our reputation and existing client referrals. We have been so busy working with clients to develop interesting marketing programs, materials, websites, and campaigns on their behalf that we have neglected our long overdue branding refresh.
We truly love what we do and we need a logo that is reflective of the expertise, passion, and creativity our firm delivers to our clients. We want a logo that reflects the spirit of our youthful company and a look that we can be proud of, not want to hide!

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Technology - Sales and Marketing Divisions
Our clients are executives and business decision makers in sales, marketing, PR, advertising, and business development divisions at technology companies from software/hardware to energy savings applications. Our clients run the gamut from venture capital funded startups to Fortune 500 companies.

While our clients are technology companies as a marketing firm we are able to take a more creative/fun/almost artistic approach to our own logo that we would not normally select for our clients. This would also aid in differentiating us from our competition, many of whom have chosen to go with the safe "tech company" look and feel.


For us this is an opportunity to really see if we can discover something fresh and interesting as well as new talent we could then potentially leverage with our clients. Our goals for a logo are something that is:
• Professional
• Innovative, creative, and forward thinking
• Would like to avoid your traditional tech company logo look (basic blue block text)
• A less traditional corporate branded look (more Mac, less IBM)
• Clean design that prints well in a variety of formats
• Format that does well as full color, gray scale, and black and white
• No cartoon like characters or people graphics
• Do not want a design that is so abstract you can't make out the company name
• Cannot include elements that could be confused with a recognizable existing brand of another company (ex. the Wipro flower)
• No pink, no orange/black combinations
• Would like to avoid literal graphics (i.e. music notes)
• Looking to convey: Energy, creativity, fun/almost artistic approach, ideas, networking, knowledgable, confidence, calming (we are problem solvers to relieve client challenges), out of the box, not your mother's marketing firm, dynamic
• Will need the final logo files in a variety of file formats due to broad use: RGB, CMYK, JPG, EPS, PNG, PSD, full color, grayscale, b&w, reverse

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