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Nom de la marque

World Institute for Sustainability and Education


We are a new school located on 700+ acres of a Costa Rica mountain with stunning Pacific Ocean views. We offer classes in Sustainable Living, including Organic Farming, Alternative Energy Systems, Alternative Building Systems, Wastewater Management, Rainwater Harvesting and more. We produce an abundance of vegetables and fruits, especially tropical fruits. Popular animals on the property include Scarlett Macaws, Toucans, Howler Monkeys, White Faced Capuchin Monkeys, butterflies (Blue Morphos) and Black and Green Dart Frogs. Trees include tropical tree ferns as the most visually appealing and unique. Our Mission is to teach as many people as possible how to live in harmony with Mother Earth. For more info you can visit our website at

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our broad target audience includes anyone interested in learning sustainable living concepts, renewable energy systems, integrated waste management, rainwater harvesting, watershed conservation, ecotourism, social entrepreneurship, permaculture and more.
Our students will be a diverse group. We have interested parties ranging from high school age to retired. All walks of life will be represented by our students.


We require a colorful logo.
We really want to highlight the aspects we have that make us exciting. i.e. world, fruits and vegetables, jungle, jungle animals.
We want to have our acronym of WISE to stand out from the other letters in our name and be lined up, either horizontally or vertically. We do not want WISE separate, we want the letters of the acronym to be taller or larger so they stand out from the rest of the letters in the words. i.e. the W in world is 20pt and the letters orld are 12pt, as an example.
Greens and blues predominant to fit our global theme.

Must be in a vector format such as .eps or .ai and high resolution.

As we plan to expand and have campuses in other countries, we would also like Costa Rica in the logo so we can adapt it for these other locations.

I have attached a logo idea from earlier, before we changed our name. Use it as you will. We are looking for improvements on it and NEW IDEAS. That one was conceived from my non-artistic brain. I want to see what else you creative types can come up with. WOW me! We are willing to discuss a visit and stay at the Institute for the winner, no transportation included. Or even enrollment in a class. Just to get them a better feel for the location, environment and what we are doing for when we have other design projects.

I will check the contest regularly and provide feedback.

We will discuss further projects with the winner.

Please, logo must be in a vector format such as .eps or .ai and high resolution.


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