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Help prevent the leading cause of adult blindness worldwide

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KeepSight &


Up-beat company with very smart scientists and business people who are developing new tests to prevent blindness in adults. We are sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health, Vet Administration, Biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, eyeglass companies, and our own sweat equity.

Company founder lost his vision in his left eye in his 20's and was unhappy with the vision testing equipment available, so he invented his own tests.

Company is small and has worked hard for every dime and runs on a tight budget. Is just about to receive a major grant from the National Eye Institute to support a large clinical research study.

Our vision tests are designed to be delivered in many formats - through brochures, booklets, websites, and mobile devices. You can see a 2 year old version of our old first generation website at .. We need to re-create the website, and our first step is to get the logo agreed upon.

We need your help! Help us to convey our company's spirit while encouraging people to take care of their vision.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our tools are new to the market. The current tests don't work and haven't been changed since the 1940's. We need to enter the market and gain confidence from two major audiences: our patients and the companies that support us.

1 - The patients who will use our vision test
Our typical patients are over 50 and often in their 70's and 80's.
These are patients who grew up in the 1940's and 1950's and are often not very good at taking care of their health. They tend to do what their doctor tells them. They often have some degree of vision loss already and have a difficult time with seeing subtle contrasts and need things very clear. The logo must help people feel like these tests are official. Their doctor will 'prescribe' their use and instruct patients to test their vision weekly. So - we need to inspire trust and a connect to the doctor.

2 - Our investors & supporters
Our second audience are the people who help pay for our studies and pay for the materials to be shared with their customers. We need to earn their trust and help uphold their reputation. A sense of confidence and strength will help these people feel better about trusting us to deliver excellent tools to help their patients.


Refresh our logo
--- Our first project is to update our tri-fold brochure - the first side is attached. Once we decide on a logo we will also award similar contract for updating our tri-fold brochure.
1 - Logo must work with multiple formats: print (booklets, tri-folds, rack-cards), web, mobile devices
2 - Scalable: Can be scaled up to headline size for booklet covers, can be scaled down to an i-Phone icon and still convey message.
3 - Crisp: Must be clear to people with vision loss. Must have sharp contrast differentiation and no shade on shade (ie: no light blue on medium blue)
4 - Image: We want the word "KeepSight" next to logo
5 - Landscape: Should be long rather than tall to enable positioning in banner ads, footers, headers, letterhead, etc
6 - Convey optimistic medical trust: should inspire trust in both our patients and sponsors, and convey a bit of a medical feel, while still being friendly and optimistic. We want to be positive.
7 - Convey responsibility: we have a mature audience and need to avoid whimsical or cartoonish marks
8 - Convey action: our tools need people to take action. So, the mark should be inspirational and encourage people to stand up for themselves.
9 - Color: One of our tests uses a deep blue. We can alter the shade of deep blue to match logo. See attachments for old version of tests. Old samples will be redesigned. Logo needs to either include deep blue or fit well next to deep blue

We will update our tri-fold next. The design on the tri-fold will be changed in our next contract - so your logo does NOT have to match it.

To get a feel of the industry, consider checking out:;;;;

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