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***This contest will be guaranteed AND I will provide feedback daily***

You can find out about me from my professional profiles here:
Ubuntu Now! (my non-profit):

...but that's just my "professional" stuff!

I am passionate about what I do, and am looking for its graphical representation. I'm an experienced business professional, very approachable; I take what I do seriously (but I don't take myself too seriously). I like make the business process fun!

(this is starting to sound like an online dating profile! :P)

Seriously though, my Mission in Life is to help people move forward in THEIR lives. Some people reach others through art, healing work, teaching, etc. I connect and reach people through business - helping them define / build / grow / manage their business. Almost any kind of business, it really doesn't matter. I have been working with business owners & entrepreneurs for over 20 years (since the late 80s) and I love it!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We typically focus on private companies with revenue under $10 Million/year USD, and we target a global, English-speaking audience.

Audience includes both people who are currently operating a business, and those who want to own a business but don't have one yet (it's something they aspire to). In many cases, a CEO / COO / CFO will be making the purchase decision.

We publish a blog right now, and will be launching new products and services in the coming weeks / months including:
- information products revealing proven Marketing ideas "from the trenches"; things other businesses owners have done and have worked
- in-person workshops in the U.S. showing owners how to apply an integrated online / offline Marketing program
- teaching / facilitating joint venture opportunities for companies
- ...and more

While we will primarily be doing business through the website, we will be approaching offline businesses and conducting offline transactions as well. It should not be biased towards any one culture. It should be inviting and professional, reflecting confidence, credibility and approachability. We enjoy engage with our customers and our readers!


I'm looking for 2 unique logos:

- #1 is for, the overall site, which is the main part of the business.

#2 - Fett Marketing, which will be used to sell Marketing products and services to customers; may or may not be part of #1 is me, but will include others as the brand evolves; could be animated version of me or a person, but definitely NOT tied to that. I'm open on colors, but like blues, greens, etc. check out to see current word press theme, but you don't have to tie it to this.

Fett Marketing is a Star Wars-inspired name (Boba Fett). Cannot use any Star Wars copyrighted / trademarked elements.

- logos should use a file format that reproduces clearly and cleanly, on the web & in print (bus. cards, brochures, presentations, website etc.)
- open on fonts; tend to use Arial, but not tied to that either
- art should be in a vector format like that produced by Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator; want to be able to resize graphic without any loss of quality.
- simple designs yet eye-catching; not overly complex. Logos will be used both in color & B&W
- engaging, warm, inviting, strong, confident
- fresh, modern, and vibrant
- can't violate trademarks or copyrights, or use stock clip art

Your creativity is very much welcomed and encouraged!

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