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Help me rebranding my sales staffing/ headhunt company

Bas Janssens avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Bas Janssens a commencé son expérience création de logo

Nom de la marque

The Goldfish


My name is Bas Janssens,

I’m the owner and director of Pepperminds sales staffing agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Pepperminds sales staffing agency has recently changed business format to become an independent agency. Therefore we need to change our name and logo. Our new name will be “The Goldfish”, and we are looking for a design for this fish that is at least as hot as pepper! I would like to invite 99 Designs to tender for this project.

About our agency:
Our company is a recruitment agency for young sales and marketing professionals in the Netherlands. We act as a match maker between promising candidates who are looking for sales and marketing jobs, and business partners who seek driven sales and marketing staff.

Our business partners are predominantly media companies. Our most successful concept has been a sales traineeship in which we teach our candidates to work hard, smash their targets and earn a lot of money. We train them to be the best they can be in their jobs and to become great communicators.

Currently we employ 3 project managers in our own office, who manage about 20 sales trainees based at our clients’ offices. In the coming three years we aim to expand dynamically beyond our current scope: our target is for 10 project managers to coordinate 100 trainees.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our business partners are media companies that operate in a crowded market at the cutting edge of technological and commercial developments.

In order to meet their commercial staffing needs, we recruit young ambitious sales talents between the age of 20 and 30. Our candidate pool typically consists of 60% male and 40% female sales recruits. Most of our candidates join us straight from high school or university. They are attracted to jobs in which they expand their horizon, earn good money, have fun, and grow in their potential and career: work hard, play hard and learn hard.

Candidates we are aiming to attract are individuals who have just started a career and still feel very young. They have sales talent so they are very competitive. Their priorities are going out, dating, playing sports, having fun, being successful and being able to buy nice things.

We are headhunters, so we aim for the most valuable and scarcest fish in the sea – this goes both for our candidates as for the companies we work for. The most valuable fish in the sea are the ones that give the best of themselves: they find the gold in their own capabilities so they are The Goldfish.

Our candidates must find it attractive to identify themselves with The Goldfish logo. So we want the logo to be charged with the energy of the words we associate with our candidates: success, curious, result oriented, fun, professionalism, enthusiasm, competition, inspiring and guts. It is a long list but the design that matches these words may well be very simple and basic.


Our current website:

Example of our old logo:…754?v=wall

Our new name: "The Goldfish" needs a strong logo that is congruent with the look and feel of our current website and logo. If posible we aim to be able to integrate the new name and logo in our current website.

“The Goldfish” needs to be a fish with personality. It may be a goldfish but it could also be another type of fish (for example a clownfish or a fantasy fish).

See for the keywords that we associate with our candidates above in target audience.

And then some other things we learnt from looking at the designs:

• We most like fish that swim or jump from the left to the right, clockwise.
• We want TheGoldfish to be written as one word with the word gold in another color: TheGoldfish (“The” may also be on top).
• We use a letter type like Verdana or Calibri in our website so we prefer the logo not to completely mismatch these letter types

We hope u all are inspired by our mission, and look forward to receive your best “TheGoldfish” logo creations. Success!


Bas Janssens
Director, Pepperminds / The Goldfish Sales Staffing Agency

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