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Headcount Live : Bring Our Vision to Life!

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Headcount Live


Refer to the comments section of the contest (underneath the submissions) for more updated guidance AFTER you've ready this brief! I'll be updating with more detailed guidance there.

Headcount Live is a new nightlife + culture + society brand that seeks to become the primary destination for people seeking the hottest, most stylish clubs, restaurants and hotels in your city. Launching in several major cities, HCL will feature tips, live video feeds, discounts, and tons of other perks to some of the most exclusive venues around.

Our goal is to help anyone looking to have an amazing night out on the town to avoid pitfalls like:
- showing up to a club only to wait in line.
- going out on a date and getting the worst table in the restaurant.
- wasting time at venues that don't fit your interests or style.

We'll also be including lots of additional features that we can't talk about much, but rest assured that this is going to be jam packed with exclusive content that won't be found anywhere else on the net.

Branding Notes: The logo should feel like an exclusive pass to high end, desirable, luxurious venues. Needs to be hip, stylish, and sophisticated. Focus on some of our perks like the live video feeds, the idea of bypassing waiting in lines at exclusive clubs, and guaranteed entry at the vast network of venues, etc.

Think of this as the same kind of service that sites like Yelp, OpenTable, and Zagat offer, but much more streamlined to cater to nightlife, clubs, bars, lounges, fine dining, etc.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We are looking for a logo that appeals to the 21 to 35 age bracket but it also needs to be classy enough to appeal to the 50-65 year old man for dinner. Obviously there is going to be a fine line for this and we're not looking for a logo that appeals to just one niche aspect of these high end venues - rather, we're looking for a brand that will identify us as the premier spot for information, photos, videos, and discounts from the hottest clubs, restaurants, hotels and other venues in your city.

The audience we're seeking is a broad group of people who really enjoy going out for a night on the town, but want to avoid years of hitting the wrong spots before they find their favorite venues in town. At our core, we're seeking to connect people with fine establishments that deserve their patronage and fit their interests. Our target audience can be described as fun-seeking socialites willing to spend a little to experience the best that their city has to offer.

Finally, our audience needs to feel that, by visiting the site, they are taking part in an exclusive experience - so consider some of the brands that you think truly set themselves apart from the pack by delivering superior quality, service, and style.


Be sure to check out the attached Brand-Studies document for ideas that might help you brainstorm.

Also - we're on the lookout for copy-cats and clip-art, so please be sure to submit original ideas!

The logo should represent what the service provides (like people in line getting in the door, finding the hottest club in town for your particular style, getting access to events that no one else has access to, etc.).

We're looking for a versatile identity system. The logo should look good for apps, the website header, business cards, and more. We are pretty open for ideas and color schemes - we really need your guidance on this.

Early in the contest we'll be especially open to a wide range of ideas. We'll be providing feedback early and often, so be sure to read what we have to say for the sake of sticking close to our direction :)

Adjective Brainstorm: Dark, glossy, leather, gold, platinum, exclusive, luxury, velvet, access, lock and key, members only, behind the curtains, inside the club, fine dining, high fashion, reservations only, etc.

What we like: Nice alcohol brands (Jack Daniels, Henessy), Luxury Car brands - High end design brands ( , Maxim, Urban Daddy, The Bold Italic, etc.) - Culture based magazines, etc.

What we don't like: Yelp, Google, anything too cartoony or childish. We also don't want a logo that is limited to one format (ie: business cards). It really needs to be readable and usable in a variety of sizes and media.

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