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Internet Income University


Welcome!!! Top Designers Wanted!!!

Online university that trains people how to go from complete newbie to experienced internet marketer--generating income online.

I am also looking to help existing small business owners market their business online as well. Looking for an empowering logo, not looking for get rich quick.

Looking to build a legitimate company / brand that teaches people how to make money online.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Primary Market: To take brand new online entrepreneurs, as well as struggling network marketers, and turn them into profitable internet network marketers. Education is done through online videos, live webinars & conference calls, blog posts, and special guest trainers. Target is typically 35-55 year old Caucasian male, married with 2 children. Full time job, home owner with mortgage, limited capital, and a little bit skeptical because he is not experienced. Looking for a legitimate resource.

Secondary Market: To also be able to help traditional small business owners generate leads and sales for their business online.

Animals/Emblems: Open to all ideas.

Eagle can be used as a sign of power, intelligence, and prosperity. Common education symbols may be used as seen fit… graduation cap, tassel, gold seal etc…

no books or chalkboard please

Money: Do not want a get rich quick feel with flashy money. It needs to be respectable but still have "pop" and be cutting edge. Our target market is worried about what the wife is going to say about this program. Looking for a legitimate option. Not looking for get rich quick but definitely wants to see results fast. Might have tried some online opportunities in the past.

Size: Should fit within a standard size banner of a webpage without being distorted due to excessive length or height. All words should be spelled out “Internet Income University”, no abbreviations


The following is a rough guide to our envisioned design. Please use each set of criteria as you see fit, if you have a really good idea that differs…show it to us!!!

We are thinking of an eagle as the University mascot. Other mascot ideas are welcome.

Primary Colors: Blue, Gold, used with warm highlights to give a welcoming, trustworthy feel.

All colors are welcome, but would like to incorporate blue in some way.

One of the main uses will be inside the banner of our website.

The wordpress theme being used can be seen at:

Should convey trust such as a college, university or authority news/information source. Should not come off as overly high-tech. Strong emphasis on the word “Income”, possibly through gold texture. Crisp, clean, empowering graphics. Has solid emotional appeal. Looks like a content rich website. Income is the focal point, but not in a tasteless way. Represents growth. Building wealth online over time through education. Has some “pop” to it. Looks cutting edge.

Does NOT look like: boring, dry, or get rich quick, tons of floating cash. Don’t want 1’s and 0’s digital coding language feel but basic technology icons such as a computer mouse are cool.

Definitely want to have a mascot, such as an eagle, with the brand.

Opportunity for future business with the winning designer as well.

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