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Fundamental Fitness


My name is Quinton, I am 30 years of age and live in Australia. I have been a personal trainer at a gym for 10 years. I have recently decided to step away from the gym and change my business to group outdoor personal training. The reason for this is because i love the outdoors and warm weather. Training people in groups also allows me to positively affect more peoples lives.

There is nothing like breathing the fresh air that my beautiful country has to offer.

I love nothing more than going for a ride on my bike playing basketball with friends and swimming at the beach.

I would say that I'm an energetic person whom likes to share my passion of exercise with others.

I love spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends. I love going to the movies and watching basketball on T.V. I also love action and comedy movies and T.V.

I Live a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating organic food and limiting my exposure to chemicals.

I have decided to challenge myself and go alcohol free for this entire year.

Last year my challenge was not to get overtaken by another rider on my bike ride for the entire year and I managed to achieve this.

My favorite color is blue and I also like red. I like sports cars like lamborghini's and Ferarri's. I love apple products and Nike Shoes. I like nice clothes and like to dress well. I also love going on holidays especially to the U.S.A.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

My target audience is people whom want to improve their health and vitality and can be aged any where from 16 to 60 and have a bit of fun doing it.

My training style is all about making people have fun whilst exercising so it doesn't seem like a chore. This is achieved by using a variety of fun games like you used to play when you were at school and combining these with all of the latest and greatest exercises that make you function and move better all while burning fat.

I am targeting small group personal training sessions rather than 1 on 1.

I am also targeting people whom want to exercise but may be threatened by the gym environment.

Another benefit to small group personal training is that you can train with a personal trainer in a cost effective manner.

I have six different sessions available called Fun Flexibility Class, Feel the Function Class, Fun Fit Class, Box that Belly/Booty Off, ViPR Fun Fit Class and The Wellness Workshop. Please see attached brochure if you would like to see a better description of classes offered.


I would like the words fun and fit to stand out on my logo maybe with different colors like in my existing logo. I would like it to be fun but also appeal to all age groups. Other than that it is up to you guys. Thanks for your help.

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