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GLOBAL Distributn/Fulfillment Corp seeks LOGO Image 4 re-launch

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Sayers Distribution is a large, privatley owned corporation offering GlOBAL distribution & fulfillment services. We are Professional, YOUNG, HIP and "IN-Touch" with what customers need & cannot find anywhere else - we emphasize that flexibility and passion to help our clients grow. We operate 3 large facilities located / 3 different continents,addng 4th in S. America. When bldg and growing our company we knew customer action, interaction & satisfaction are no longer hindered by geographic boundaries, restricted business hours or limited opportunities. Technology and e-business have disseminated an entirely new world of opportunities to businesses offering service opportunities and a plethora of clients needing those services. We knew exceeding customer expectations and elevating the experience and satisfaction levels has been brought to new heights! We recognized those important business factors and pay close attention to those core elements …Our tagline is "REMOVING LIMITATIONS - EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS". We turn out orders faster and more efficiently, reduce cycle time from order to delivery,thus our clients handle more business – grow their top-line revenue without increasing their investment in the cost of doing business. Our co. culture is Driven/Laid back, Confident/Open, Professional/FUN, Supportive/Daring. We dont walk on any ledges - we dont shy from challenges either!

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There is a constant evolvong market for the services we provide. With the enslaught of E-service providers in the tech world to the monolithe
Ecommerce industry -many of these companies (from whatever industry) need a distribution/order fulfillment partner to serve the needs of their purchasing clientel - They need a trusted, experienced and flexible D&F partner because they typically dont have/cannot afford the $ to invest in building that infrastructure they need to be competitive and to GROW. We provide all of those services to them - we help them appear bigger than they are. We utilize & leverage our postage volume discounts & relationships to help them appear global as well. so they can produce in Poughkipsie
Our target market is businesses or manufacturers who sell products that need to ship to end users. We also do B2B fulfillment (ex: Pharmaceuticals to Internal reps) etc...We provide Pic/Pac/Ship services to anyone in need of those and many other distribution/fulfillment services offered. From Moving product around the world in any method necessary and tracking its journey to providing inventory management & reporting services,utilizing a state of the art translucent order entry/tracking platform desired by customers but limited by so many in this space - thats why we rock!


Need logo "IMAGE" (if you create a more fitting font design for our name "SAYERS DISTRIBUTION" other than the exisitng - lets C it! We want Clean (Less is more), OOber Creative, Hyper-GLOBAL Professional appearance - Absolutely NO CLIP-ART images, No Stock images that we do not have FULL RIGHTS to. Not cartoon friendly when it comes to our Brand, Logo or global Image. Color is Awesome - but must NOT be CARTOONISH. I will attach a sample of a logo that had been in development. Not Sold on it - obviously! I want to convey GLOBAL REACH, SPEED, PROFESSIONAL, CONFIDENT - yet HIP / IN-TOUCH to the world & to business and the evolution and changes of such! Be creative / Eye Catching / **NOTE** Edgy is NOT something I will shy away from - I like the edge - but not too far over! NOT Weird! HIP & Edgy I LOVE! In the existing logo - I like the translucency (almost crystal clear effect) like the arrow movement - but if you can create "movement" or speed around the globe in another way or convey the adjectives i've described - go for it! This Logo design is PHASE 1 of a lengthy corporate SPLASH re-launch for 2011.
The SAYERS DISTRIBUTION (Name portion of the logo is SET (?) in the minds of others - if you design/create something else more fitting that compliments the logo "Image" you create - GO FOR IT! I'm very Open to it....HAVE FUN & I am STOKED to see the responses - BEST Of LUCK!!!

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