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Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


Mission statement: The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to advancing the Science and Art of cosmetic dentistry for its members and their patients in the state of Florida.

Vision Statement: Specifically, the FACD was founded to support the following fundamental goals for member dentists and their patients:
•Dissemination of information on the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry.
•Provide educational opportunities for member dentists and their support team to advance the standard of patient care in Florida.
•Encourage and promote high standards of ethical conduct and patient care.
•Promote public awareness of advances in the dynamic field of cosmetic dentistry.

This is a very high tech group of cosmetic dentists that are passionate about the cosmetic dentistry industry. They are edgy and sophisticated. They are young, fresh and always looking for the wow factor in the industry. They are always looking to take the academy to the next level.

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FACD is looking to target other cosmetic dentists that are not members of the organization that they want to become members of the academy. They are also looking to show awareness to the consumer as to who the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is and why the dentist that they use should be part of the academy and why they as the consumer should ask their dentist if they are not part of the academy; why they are not. It is not an age factor. We are looking to target both non-members of the academy, the consumer and also students that are getting ready to graduate from dental school or that have already recently graduated.


A cool, edgy and techinical symbol! So, this group is pretty open to letting the designers be creative. Keep in mind that this is an edgy group and they are very high tech. Where most people are sending e-newletters this group is doing video newsletters and have been for sometime. One thing that they DO NOT want is teeth in the logo. That is not the look that they are going for nor will it appeal to their market. These members of the academy are the best cosmetic dentists in the world and they do not conside themselves typical dentists. They are the cream of the crop and they have knowledge and talent that few have in the world. This academy is not just about making another pretty smile; this group takes it to the level of making that pretty smile look completely natural. Make it edgy and make this logo have the pop factor, something that makes you look at it and go WOW, and something that people will remember. No matter where they see it people will know and say "oh, that is the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry"; that is the academy to be part of. FACD represents the hottest in educational opportunites; which is offered at their Annual Scientific Session.

Old Log attached - its boring!
Need the logos in the following format: JPG, EPS and PDF. Absolutely NO clip art please. No old fonts, nothing cartoonish.

Last requirement: Make this logo, edgy, hot, explosive, high tech and high energy.

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