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La Jolla Yoga Center


We are opening a the premiere yoga center in southern california.
The center will have two studios that open into one large studio so that we can bring Master Yoga Teachers to the San Diego area. Right now we do not have a place like this. As yogis, or yoga enthusiasts and teachers, we have to travel to go so these master teachers. With our background in the hospitality, training, and yoga business we are especially well suited to run a professional venue for these workshops, trainings....On a daily basis we will serve the San Diego area and the La Jolla community with over 80 classes a week of all different styles of yoga and all different levels. There are not enough entry level classes to safely and comfortably introduce individuals to yoga. The advanced students are often only offered mixed level classes which limits their ability to advance their practice. We will accommodate each end of the spectrum and everyone in the middle. We will also be the teacher's training facility of the area with expert trainings to prepare teachers. Our teachers, unlike some studios, are all high caliber with years of teaching experience and expertise in their areas. LJYC is a warm and inviting place with a sense of community our main focus. We want people to come after having a bad or good day and feel better after they leave.

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Health conscious people who want less stress and more fitness.
Often doctors tell their patients to do yoga to relieve stress or prevent injury, especially for athletes. Others do it for pure fitness, and others yet, do it for a more spiritual reason. The demographics for the typical yoga student is above average income, higher level of education, 70% women, age 25-50 although still 24% are over 50 and that market is growing, especially in La Jolla. We want to attract the young and fit as well as the people who are afraid to do yoga because they are not fit enough or flexible enough. La Jolla is a coastal community, beautiful, wealthy individuals but more low key, not flashy. understated. We want to look hip and current, yogic, peaceful and yet energetic.


We would like a logo that depicts a sanctuary, hip, peaceful, yet energetic, warmth, community, transformation, hope. The place to come and meet your friends. The place to come to find your peace, creativity, and let go of the worries of the day, to find your strength, your support
Earth tones. What about the Y in Yoga, the top of the Y being a heart shape?

We would like a font that depicts this also. Our thought to date is to have all lower case letters with each word underlined, like exhale spa. you can see it on the internet on their website.

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