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"FEMALE TEENAGE KITTY" LOGO - Young, Hip, Modern, Stylish CAT

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Nom de la marque - Company name: Warm & Fuzzy Kitty


We increased the prize to over $1000 because our logo concept changed a bit, and we encourage everyone to rethink.

** If we love the logo there is a possibility that we will need the designer's services in the future for follow on projects.**

**Show us versatility of your character, we want to use the designer for future projects this may sway us**

We started our little company in 2007. We decided from the beginning that the core of our company was going to be customer service. We believe that is why we have grown fast and furious over the last couple of years. My husband was a highly decorated officer in the Marine Corps, he left his job in May to pursue our dream and run the business.

Our little company is going big in a few months. Our little logo is not cutting the mustard for branding ourselves. We have our life savings invested in this company and now we are being informed we need an "image" that can be used for our core business and merchandising. OK, we need a miracle!

Our "concept" is to create a"theme park like" vacation experience for cats only. PLEASE visit our website at, it will give you the feel of what and who we are, read the testimonials see how the customers feel about their experience.

In the new building we will only be bigger and better. We will have up to 20 different themed suites for the cats. It's a Warm & Fuzzy Experience. We currently use "Hello Kitty" merchandise in our suites and cages, we need our own kitty, don't you think? We are also starting a Warm & Fuzzy TWITTER cat personality, keep an eye on WFKitty on twitter to see the personality emerge.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our customers are mostly female and men that are in touch with their feminine side. The one thing they all have in common is their cats ARE THEIR BABIES! They are not your everyday cat owner, they are young couples that have no children, they are older couples that are in "empty nest" phase. They are young successful professionals that treat their cat like a family member.

From a merchandising perspective, we plan to target little girls and woman who have not lost the little girl inside of them that love Warm & Fuzzy stuff. ie... T-shirts, sneakers, stuffed animals, baby blankets, sweat pants etc...


Our colors are light pastels, purple and pink and white ... do not go by the colors on our website, we will be changing that.

We want a very original design.

The cat should be in pajamas and be on her way to an overnight stay at Warm & Fuzzy. She is carrying a teddy bear or a doll or a suitcase or something.

Option #1 A young teenage, hip, modern, beautiful FEMALE cat that wears modern cool clothes (NOT SEXUAL LOOKING) who will be going on vacation adventures, she is the popular cat in school, she is up with the times and fun. Her name is Kitty. Young teenage girls LOVE her and wear her on their T-shirts, Sweatpants and PJ's. Think a teenage Paris Hilton Cat meets Lola Bunny Cat - not sexual. PLEASE DO NOT COPY LOLA BUNNY. Keep her soft and lovely, not humanized.

Option #2 A female cat that could wear different vacation adventure outfits. Her name is Fuzzy. Little girls must LOVE HER, she is fun, lovable, cute cute cute, and full of personality! She is sweet and kind but loves going on vacation adventures and is very feminine!

Remember with either option for the logo she is on her way to Warm & Fuzzy for an overnight stay! she might be carrying a blanket, or a teddy bear, or a doll, or a suitcase. She is certainly wearing pajamas.

We also want our business name (Warm & Fuzzy Kitty) with the logo BUT must be able to detach the words from the cat.

Again, please go to our website, read our testimonials, get a feel for our business.

HINT: Show us the versatility of that cat in different positions and outfits. We desire an artist that we can work with in the future that can handle future projects with that character.

Thank you in advance for all of your creativity and hard work!
Scott & Jeannie

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