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Energy Engine - A trendy new consulting firm needs stylish logo

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Nom de la marque

Energy Engine


We are brand new to 99 Designs and look forward to meeting the best of the best! We have lots of collateral requirements but for now we need a corporate logo.

Energy Engine is a brand new professional services energy consulting company that helps business reduce their electricity and natural gas rates in all deregulated markets. Energy rate reduction is all we know and the only thing we do.

The name of the company is formally Energy Engine Inc. however we are marketing our efforts as our tradename which is Energy Engine. Our brand should reflect PROTECTION, TRUST and SECURITY.

Our management team is young and in their mid thirties. Our leadership board is made up of more senior business owners, executive managers and academics to help provide credibility to more senior decision makers in larger firms. The logo should be professional however our communication and marketing approach is going to be very retail focused.

Our competitors have weak identities and their messaging is chalked full of technical and financial content. We don't like this!

We want to communicate our message with simplicity and clarity, but most of all, we want our logo to be different and a cut above the rest.

Please use our tag line in your submission: reduce your energy rates

The logo should print well on white space, and should include horizontal and vertical layouts. Horizontal is most important.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our energy rate reduction services can be utilized by all businesses including small, medium and large consumers, however, our target customer is medium sized businesses.

We define medium sized businesses as a hotel, property management firm, manufacturing company, car wash, national chain of retailers, etc.

The decision makers in the companies that will use our services are COST CONTROL MANAGERS for larger companies or BUSINESS OWNERS for smaller companies. In the past, these primary decision makers were older accountants and financiers (50-60 years old) that were very analytical and conservative. What we have found is that many Generation X (mid 30s to early 40s) now are responsible for making cost management decisions so we want the best of both identity that embodies professionalism (protection, trust and security) but is still stylish, sleek, polished and has that twinkle that subtly elevates us above the rest.

Using cartoons or clip art would be catastrophic.


Main logo:

Energy Engine (no incorporation moniker)
reduce your energy rates (this is the tag line)

Once complete we may require about 2 other variations of the logo at no cost (horizontal and vertical)

Project Requirements:

The Mark or Emblem: This emblem will be used as our aesthetic throughout our collateral on web and print materials.

The type face or font: Try not to use an irregular font that is difficult to find or has to be purchased.

The name ENERGY ENGINE is powerful so all caps might be important. Others tried in small caps and softened the image so much that the power of ENERGY ENGINE was lost.Maybe it could work?

The colors:
They have not been defined so create them for me!
Be creative here.
Do not use just 1 color.
You can 1 color but 2,3,4 variations of it in the same pallet.

I will a need a vector and jpg of the logo and the specific details of the colors you selected whether they are RGB or Pantone.

For those about to rock we salute you!

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