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Earthy Organic Logo needed for Healing Center

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Nom de la marque

Joyful Healing Center


I am a healer, artist, art educator, and yoga teacher. I have an active private healing practice in Fayetteville, AR. I travel throughout northwest Arkansas and beyond for healing sessions, in addition to providing telephone healing sessions.

My healing work is Jungian in nature; I am a shamanic healer, though not in the Native American tradition. My work taps into archetypal concepts, ancient wisdom, though is leading edge as it relates to reconfiguring pathways of consciousness.

I also offer presentations and workshops on such topics as Practical Applications of Energy Medicine, Guided Meditations, Developing Intuition, Accessing Your Inner Wisdom, Tools for Personal Empowerment, The Power of Toning, Understanding the Human Energy Field and more. In addition I teach private and community yoga and art classes.

I have 18 years in the healing field offering a depth of experience and skill. Please refer to testimonials on my website

I am changing my name from JoyMatters to Joyful Healing Center. Which I feel represents the changes I am making in growing my business to a larger market .

I am going through my own major transitions. I have been actively and consciously parenting and will soon be an empty nester. I am committed to redirecting that energy to growing to my business.

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Targeted Audience for Joyful Healing Center

30- 60 year olds
75% woman ( I’d like to ^ male base)

Clients who currently seek my services:

• Are taking responsibility for themselves
• Choose Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
• Have money, or value the work enough to spend their spare money on my services. (I do not accept insurance)
• Are going through some form of change
• Health crisis (cancer, pain management, anxiety, depression)
• Relationship transition
• Career transition
• Spiritual seeking

• Have been referred to me by a Therapist, Counselor, M.D. or friend

• 35% percentage of my clientele are therapists or counselors

• 65% are highly sensitive and intuitive

• Geographic demographics: 50% from Fayetteville and surrounding area, 40% from Little Rock (city 3 hours away), 10% are telephone clients from WI, WA, CA, NY

Strategic Alliances
Psychotherapists, counselors, M.D.
Massage Therapists
Yoga teachers
National Asso. for Counselors
National Asso, for teachers
Local principals of elementary and middle schools
Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville
Wild Oats in Little Rock

I offer CEU’s for Counselors for attending my workshops



I want the name and logo to be able to stand alone and integrate well together.

I do not want any cartoon, animation, airbrush, or clip art images.

I like the cyan through teal with black color palette. I also like amber and burnt orange. Earth colors, sky colors.

I am open to looking at other colors, though least interested in pink, violet or yellows.

I want the logo design to represent transformation, growth, empowerment and the beauty and power of inner change.

Organic images of bird(s), plants, trees, flowers that reflect growth, beauty, the power of rebirth and perennial life force energy.

Adjectives: authentic, joy, beauty, ease, acceptance, change, growth, empowerment, organic, fullness of life, flow, the beauty of simplicity.

I would like to see some wood block cuts and etchings though not limited to such style.

I do not want hands even though I use hands-on techniques in my work.

I do not want to look “new age”, overly ornate, or too minimalistic.

I do want the logo to translate well into gray scale image.

I do want a vector logo in eps, ai or a pdf from Illustrator, jpg as the most appropriate for web use.

I do not need to emphasis the chakra system because I want to reach a broader audience. One of my skills is taking energetic information and translating into terms that my client can apply and integrate into their everyday life.

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