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Dog Training: Love Your Dog,Train Your Dog

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Professional "dog psychologist" with a master's degree, and trainer, recently licensed by Oct "O" Magazine's (p67), celebrity trainer, Victoria Stilwell, star of "It's Me or the Dog", needs logo to compliment the Victoria Stilwell (VS) logo.

Just partnered with Victoria and merging my business entity with hers. I now hold a license to use her logo and marketing materials. It is to my advantage to make the most of this as she is famous and I'm not...yet! We are adamantly non-aversive, pet dog trainers.

I'm a science-based trainer and use positive-method, veterinary endorsed training methods. Dogs are my world. My "dog training message" and my professional dog training credentials are well-established, but I need the marketing boost I am now getting from direct association with the Animal Planet's celebrity trainer. I author a dog training newspaper column.

The human-animal bond is paramount. I train people to communicate with their dogs, and teach dogs how to live a family-lifestyle. Finding forever homes for abandoned dogs is one of our causes.

You, my winning designer, will be seen, and if you're a dog lover please let it shine! I have to run the winning design by Victoria's Team for approval, so that will be your fist showing.

A logo I love is the missing element in my marketing.

The personality is professional, sprinkled generously with love.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Victoria's market is at the "starting to explode" stage and I'm in on the ground-floor in the US. Everybody seems to love her. Me too.

I have a home territory that stretches all along the west coast in the most affluent communities of San Diego County from Carlsbad to La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe. I'm also working parts of Hollywood. It's gotta be classy and top-notch. It's a world-class operation. She airs in over 50 countries.

Audience: Pet parents in need of help with training, ranging from basic puppy house-training tips to aggression issues in need of behavioral consultations.

Also, celebrities, veterinarians, dog-related breed and business organizations and facilities.

I want to tap into and speak to the market Victoria is creating for us with her TV show, speaking engagements, magazine interviews, etc.

For: Individuals, families, all ages, I'm mostly attracting women and that's fine with me, but a bit more guy-oriented is fine too. I'm aiming for wide appeal. At this time I am strictly a private-trainer, but I may teach a couple of classes in the near future.


Vector format-- provided source file .eps AND GRAYSCALE with a .jpg preview.

Display Victoria's logo first, then mine in a horizontal row so I can see how my website header will look please and how well the logos actually match up. Compliment the Victoria Stilwell logo, maybe match it. I don't care for Victoria's colors or logo, but I have to work with it. I get to maintain my own identity.

My website:


Try the same basic layout as her logo, but my name, then (second line) Wholistic, then (third line). The font for Wholistic can be different. I include both font files but I don't love the Positively. I want to love my logo.

My design cannot be so similar that infringes on her patent rights, but it can be quite similar.

Her colors are dark brown and purple-- mine might be blue (to match my website, and green, ocean-like). Pls Use your imagination on the placement of a pawprint, colors, adding water somehow.

Green pawprint on the right side, or replacing the "O" in Wholistic with a pawprint? Heart-shaped paw-print? Not too cutesy.

I may place her logo and mine side by side with a dog icon link between them. This link between our logos may be central to my decision and your opportunity to be creative/ unique, such as a green? dog leaping from her logo over to mine? The dog(s) link will be a part of my stand-alone logo.

I might place them both in the header of my website, which may well be redesigned depending on what you come up with.

Thank you!

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