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This contest is to design a logo for a new website called Your going to need to be very creative and put a lot of though in to win the competition - please read the full brief carefully. Design must be in Adobe Illustrator and photoshop.

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

A new website is soon to be launched based in Athens Greece. It's called Discover Scuba and is all about diving in Greece and more importantly about the hidden world under the sea.

This website will be about education of suba diving and the fish, and wildlife species that are found in the Greek seas. It will be full of photographs, species information, habitats, behaviour. It will have lots of maps and information about dive sites. Additional the site will educate about PADI diving skills and generally be a bit like a magazine with many articles. Next year this website will be associated with a dive centre proving dive education and dive services.  Note the current illustration on the website should not necessarily influence your design. This is a Greek business though will be in english and greek. The logo needs to portray education about species, but it also needs to be an identity for people to below to. The dive centre will use the logo on t-shirts etc and it needs to be something people want to wear., i.e. part of a club. It has been suggested that the same principles be applied as in military stripes, or even a superhero type powerful symbol. I am open to suggestions.
It needs to be simple enough to be recognisable to other divers, but not like all the other dive centre logos which incorporate a fish or a dolphin etc and are very cliche. Something more fun that that. It will be used on the website initially as I say and it is all about education of species and to be aware of the environment that we are trying to educate about and protect. It has also been suggested that perhaps this is too much to have in one logo and that perhaps a series of logos on a theme would be better. e.g. a logo for the website depicting education of divers about the sea and skills needed. (knowledge!) Then a second logo in a similar theme but for the dive centre itself, that would be worn on the shoulder of tshirts. This is only a suggestion and it may be that 1 logo does all - perhaps this needs to be discussed.
Overall, it needs to be different, and doesn't have to be "obviously" a dive logo, it can be more creative than that, but simple enough to reproduce well on materials and digitally on the website.
A reminder of the theme - We need to show  Education; Environment; Identity; Diving. Education is about (a) species of fish, and everything that like in the sea, (acutally this is all about underwater photography as well (b) education about diving skills i.e. PADI. Environment aware; Identity is making people want to wear this logo on a t-shirt and belong to a club, a status

Discover Scuba is a "Diving Culture". Both discover Scuba and Diving Culture could OPTIONALLY be used in the logo.

Another possible suggestion: Whether we can combine these elements in a single logo is in question. i.e. maybe the website logo could be a little different than the logo that is the dive club/center that would be on t-shirts, however they would be closely linked and not completely different.


- A single logo or 2 simularly themed logos produced in Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop layers (PC format)

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- Typical cliche scuba diving logos with dolphins turtles, and divers.

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