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studiochild is a young, newly formed, creative company focusing on music production. We are a handful of musicians/artists composing, performing, recording, engineering, and producing music in the smoggy, yet sunny, city of Los Angeles. We are focused on publishing our own music first, so we can quit our day jobs, as well as helping others where possible. We recently supplied music for the US Ski Team’s “2009-2010 World Cup Winning Runs” dvd. We are also very honored and pleased to say we composed and produced the soon to be published jingle for the promotional video for the 2011 British Virgin Isles Kite Jam, sponsored by Sir Richard Branson (who kite surfs himself, bless his heart).

As a company, our attitude is about authenticity, simplicity, integrity, and most importantly, fun. We believe in the music we write. We genuinely like it, or we don’t produce it. We are leveraging a new model where quality music can be created, accessed, and published outside of the traditional record company model and attitude that comes with it. This enables us to tap and share musical talent that may not otherwise be recognized. When you work with us, we want you to feel welcome at whatever level and skill. We believe everyone has authentic creativity to offer, and our studio is dedicated to supporting that inner child. We are professional, easy to do business with, and fun.

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The target audience is 2 pronged. First, we want to appeal to companies or professionals needing music for jingles, film scores, video games, etc. This could also include other music production shops who, when overloaded, look for “ghost” writers they can outsource to. The second audience would be the general music industry. Here we will be branding ourselves as a music publisher housing and supporting artists and bands.


First - all ideas are welcome. Please release your inner child!

I would like the design to be a graphic logo, as well as include the name studiochild. I’m not visualizing the name (or SC initials) within the graphic itself, but if you do, go for it.

The graphic is a silhouette of a young girl’s head (say around 3-6 years old), listening to music with headphones (those 70s big ear kind are a good example). I’m leaning towards front face view, but profile or other angles are welcome. She has an expression of innocent bliss and enjoyment. I prefer two tones (likely black and white), and the overall outer shape of the graphic as relatively circular. The style should be less realistic, and somewhat abstract/cartoonish, although too cartoony or juvenile is not acceptable. Think fresh, industrial, hip, professional and fun. I’m providing other logos to give style ideas.

The logo will be used for web design, CD cases, and business cards. We need a clean design that can easily scale down from a website to a small card. It is important to provide files that can adapt to size changes. This is required. File types would include: EPS (CMYK Color), PNG ( RGB Color, 72dpi), and JPG (Grey Scale, 300dpi).

Following are the chief design tenants:
professional while informally fun
NO: stock photos; clipart; cheesy fonts

Looking forward to working together!

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