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Design the Logo for a New Pet Food brand in the UK

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Nom de la marque

Everydog complete


We are a new start up comprised of three individuals who have spotted an innovative business opportunity within the UK petfood market to make some money.

Matt - he's the idea's man and also the major shareholder - he already makes a very tasty budget chocolate product - check out his website -

John - he's the dreamer but is also very good at making things and getting stuff done - he already sells fish food - check out his website -

Neil - I'm an e-marketing consultant by day, and in this team the creative one who can make stuff happen.

We all believe in quality and value for money, and want to create and launch a new brand in the petfood market which delivers on both. We feel that with our unique business model we have the potential to succeed not just in the UK market but on a global scale.

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The UK dry complete dog food market is worth around half a billion pounds per year and can be segmented as below:

1. Premium brand medicated food – Eukanuba, Science Plan, Purina Pro Plan
2. Premium branded – Bakers Complete
3. Value branded – Wagg
4. Budget unbranded – various
5. Working dog – Dr Johns by Gilpa

We are targeting segments 3, 4, 5, initially retailing the product in 15kg bags throughout the UK through independent pet shops, bulk food retailers and garden centres/farm shops.

Target Customers:
Working dog owners – buying in bulk, seeking quality & value for money - not sensitive to branding expressing quality and value
Price driven – Domestic dog owners ‘My dogs will eat anything I want the cheapest possible’ - likely to be sensitive to simple branding expressing value
Bargain Hunters – Savvy domestic dog owners who know dogs & appreciate quality but will shop around for the best deal - likely to be sensitive to attractive branding expressing quality

In the UK working dog food (gun dogs, racing dogs, farm dogs etc..) does not carry any VAT (17.5% tax) and hence is popular with ordinary owners seeking to save a little money. Therefore although we are planning to label the food working dog we also want to appeal to non working dog owners as well.


Whilst it would be possible to retail the product unbranded within the budget market segment we feel there is an opportunity to build a brand offering no nonsense good quality food at a very affordable price.
The brand name will be “Everydog Complete” which used along with a communication strategy based on the brand values we feel will appeal to our target consumers.
The packaging will be simple but clear differentiating the product within this market segment.

For the logo please see the attached brand framework document which has a mood board and some direction for how we would like the logo/packaging to look.

The logo must include the wording "Everydog complete" and this logo should be distinctive and eye catching yet simple and honest, conveying both the brand values and the brand personality (see attached brand framework).

Two or three colours would be ideal.

Please be creative and bring in some nice bold design.

We don't want stuff that is too fussy, fancy or twee. Anything that resembles clipart is a no no.

Dog imagery would be good, although more symbolic than cartoon like.

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