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I am the sole owner of the business that has been operating 10 years. We have two different companies and a few difference business lines that we operate, for which we would like a similar logo to be able to be used. The companies are HOCK Training ( and HOCK international ( HOCK Training is based in Moscow, Russia and we have offices in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belorussia. HOCK international is in the US and only sells study materials on-line.

When we started, our only business was preparing people to pass US based professional certification exams in English in accounting and finance. At that time, the name of the company was HOCK Accountancy Training. While we still do that training, we have also expanded into non-exam training in accounting and finance, communication training, English language training and in Moscow we have a conference facility ( A couple of years we dropped the Accountancy from the name and started to use only HOCK Training. We are now going to drop the Training from the main logo/design and will use only HOCK. However, we would like a logo that can then further have the words Training, Conferencing, international and any other new business lines added to it.

We want to be known now primarily as HOCK with the Training, Conferencing or international as a secondary identifier.

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We are trying to position ourselves as a high-quality provider of all services that we provide. Our clients are professionals who are looking to further their skills. (Or companies looking to use our conference facilities). Because we are considered to be slightly above average cost in the markets we (Training) operate, we need to have a design and image that will make people feel comfortable that we will help them do what it is that they have come to us to do. Whether that is to pass an exam, learn English, have an event, or learn to communicate, we need our image to let them think that we will be able to deliver that.

Because of the nature of our HOCK international business, we have business not only in the former Soviet Union countries, but literally around the world - with a lot of business in the Middle East.

This means that the design and logo needs to avoid any religious symbols or cultural symbols that would not be 'accepted' in any part of the world.


I am looking for a logo design that is either a graphic a design that includes the word HOCK. It could be a logo with the word HOCK next to it or in front of it, or it can be a design that incorporates the word HOCK itself.

As for colors, Orange must be the main color. Any other color(s) can be secondary colors, but orange must be the main color. I would also like to be able to have a reason as to why we chose this graphic or idea as our design. Some ideas we have thought of have to do with teamwork, putting pieces of a puzzle together, growth, stability. I do not want a completely modern design that will look dated in a year or two. I want an image and style that I will be able to use for a number of years. Ultimately, we will be redesigning our website and also generating business cards. letter head, brochures of our programs, and other corporate identity types of things. The logo is only the first step in what will be a new image/style/design for the company.

Because of the different segments of the business, in a sense it is like three logos. However, I would like the three to be similar and obviously connected to each other. As it is now, the color is the differentiator between the specific companies' logos. This is fine to retain, or if there is another way to do this, that is fine also.

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