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Cutting edge IT outsourcing company needs new identity.

JT Zemp avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Thrive Information Solutions, but you can call me ThriveIS


We're a team of competent and appreciated IT powerhouses. We provide managed technology services to our clients. We haven't ever needed to do any marketing, because people refer us to their friends. We've decided to capitalize on the growth that we've seen so far and catapult our company to the next level with a new identity and marketing/sales opportunities that have opened up.

We're looking to grow our business and reach out to others. We believe in treating our customers right. Our passion is helping small and medium-sized business by allowing them to focus on their core competencies (which usually isn't IT). We remove the liability of IT management and turn it into a competitive advantage.

We help businesses with desktop and server support, backup and disaster recovery, HIPPA compliance, uptime monitoring, network and host security, intrusion detection, user management, telephony, document collaboration, VPNs, firewalls, printers, email systems. We're proficient with Windows, Mac and Linux environments and support open source.

Essentially, if it's technology, we do it.

Our existing site is very rudimentary because we've never done any marketing. Check it out here:

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We're targeting businesses from 5 to 500 employees that have ongoing IT needs. We believe that we can help businesses thrive and grow by saving them money, relieving headaches, and improving internal processes.

The target audience profile is a decision-maker for a small business who appreciates value, needs to work with a provider s/he can count on, and wants to grow their business.


Our logo needs to look good on the web as well as in print in one or two colors (business cards, faxes and brochures). Please submit designs targeting the web, but just keep in mind we'll need to be able to simplify it for print.

We'd like some sort of iconic representation as well as the company name in an appropriate typeface. The name can be either represented as "Thrive Information Solutions" or "ThriveIS". The logo can incorporate plant imagery, but it doesn't have to. Gradients are ok. We'll be developing a website around the logo, and we'd like it to look clean, crisp and modern.

We want to look professional, but friendly and approachable.

Don't let seeing the design of the current page and logo influence you too much. It was 'good enough' for us once, but we're wanting an upgrade now.

One idea we had was to focus on the imagery of growth and the traditional icon for the power button on a computer ( Like the vertical line could be a stem of a plant coming out of a pot, or a seed or the ground. Just an idea--I hope that by mentioning that we don't get 100 designs around just that one theme.

We're open to what you as a designer want to put together. Be yourself and be creative!! Our focus is enabling growth by relieving small businesses of the burden of technology. In other words, we simplify technology so businesses can grow.


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