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Nom de la marque

Music Studio Direct


Music Studio Direct is a service oriented music technology products reseller. We sell innovative products for computer based music production or song-writing. Everyone who works here is a musician to some degree, so we have a lot of interest and expertise regarding the products we sell. We are “high-tech” but friendly and approachable.
We like working with schools, students, as well as professional musicians and film composers. We also sell a fair number of products that appeal to musicians that are hobbyists, as well as community or church-based musicians.

We don’t sell every music technology, software or recording product out there. We try and focus on products that are innovative yet proven, while also offering the customer a good value. Most of the products we offer are for desktop music production and recording. However, we do sell a fair number of products that musicians or DJs can use for live performance.

the most important concept we’re hoping comes through is that Music Studio Direct is a strong, professional and technologically advanced company where customers can get high quality music products and helpful advice, all with fair pricing.
We want the logo to represent that Music Studio Direct is in a leadership position compared to our competitors - in terms of providing innovative, as well as value-oriented music product solutions for a wide range of musicians.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We aren't just selling one type of product (like shoes, or insurance). We are selling a whole bunch of different types of products that make up a home or project music studio. Music is an art form and thus very open-ended - so many different kinds. The logo should appeal to all of those different people out there looking for gear for their individual idea of what music is and what they want to create artistically.
Professional studio engineers looking for high-tech software to give their product and edge. Hollywood film scorers looking for the best sounds. High school kids looking to start making beats. Jazz/soul vocalists looking for a microphone to make their voice "pop" better in a recording.
Elderly people looking for music stand lights to make their music more visible. Middle-aged country twang dudes looking for that special drum sound. Electronic DJs looking for the newest/hottest stuff. And so on... This is a one-stop shop for so many different things, and all of these people should feel welcome.

The above answer covers some of this target audience question, but briefly our customers include:
Professional musicians (mostly recording software and hardware)
Film Composers
Music hobbyists
Music students, schools and teachers
Church musicians
DJs producing electronic music


We would like the color scheme for the new Music Studio Direct to be unique to some degree, so that it stands out from our competition. New site needs stronger, clearer color scheme compared to current site. Possible new Logo - We’re not sure if we’re speaking of a particularly dark gray versus a lighter gray. Blue would likely be more dark than light. I suppose the colors should be earth tone type colors perhaps, but more vibrant, (more shading)

Please note: We are not locked into the above color scheme, especially the third color orange or gold. If designers have some color combination you think we should consider, please throw them by us. We definitely do like the idea of using the colors blue and gray to some degree.
Background Color: would want the background color behind the site to be a somewhat light shade of gray, but we are open to designers suggestions

Tag line Text – Innovative Solutions for ALL Musicians(do not have to use)

Customers need help with the following services.

Record or Produce Music
Learn Music or an instrument

Notate / Orchestrate Music
Produce or Compose Music for Film and Video Production
DJ Music Production – Creating beats, electronic music, dance music using sounds and beat creation software, as well as hardware available at Music Studio Direct

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