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Cool/Funky but Professional Logo for Coin Consulting Group

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Nom de la marque

Coin Consulting Group


We are a small consulting group specializing in ERP software sales and integrations and strive to inject some fun and humor into a normally stressful process. Our software and services solve issues businesses face due to individual employees working separate from each other and not collaborating or communicating. ERP has everyone working together and from the same database in real time. All areas of the company are connected and collaborating. We approach this in a fun, energetic and lighthearted way to break down the stresses most people have relating to change.
We are lateral thinkers working each business through its issues and finding solutions that drive them forward and work hard to ensure the process is fun along the way.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our typical client has found us on the web and has been in business for a few years. They typically have tried some small "band-aid" improvements and now realize they need a better solution than just an accounting package. Often they go to the web and find they are being told to buy a good ERP Package. Hopefully they then contact us and we provide a demo (in house or online) and go from there to sale and implementation.
-Typically around 10 employees (but not limited to this)
- Financially stable and prepared to invest in their company
- Can be manufacturing or warehouse or re-seller, retail or restaurant/café. We can cater to any industry.
- must have internal network or be prepared to have one established.
- Usually technically savvy and well established


We are looking to create a funky, cool, image but still come across as highly professional. We DO NOT want to be recognized as financial advisors.
We work with multi Million $ operations so must not appear as amateurs.
Looking to create an image of modern thinkers with a fresh approach to solving business problems. Colours will be in the greens and blues but we are also open to colour options as well.

The image I have attached was done by my 9 year old daughter with an image (the puzzle) from an existing Logo and is just a simple font found in MSWord (Green Pilloww) .. but is the type of look and feel we are after. We have been told it is "too crude" and "not well put together" so we are looking for some fresh ideas on this one.

The Logo Should spark curiosity and when the slogan is read it will tie us to the word COIN. This should create a lasting memory in the prospects mind.

No Clipart or stock images
print format - .ai (CMYK) or equivalent
Web - .jpg and layered .psd (RGB) or equivalent

The full name Coin Consulting Group does not need to be in the Logo (but we are open to ideas) .. we have pictured the word COIN on its own and we are looking for a good slogan to tie it all together on , near or around the word Coin.
To be used on Website, biz cards and brochures. No shop front at this stage but strong web presence.

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