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Promotion City (PromotionCity "" and/or ".com")


Promotion City are a website that focus on promoting events in the UK (we have the intentions of expanding to offer our services worldwide which is just a matter of marketing to a wider audience, however for the time being we aim to master London and the UK first). Promotion City is a website targeted at the prime industries in the entertainment market. The vision is to become the ultimate one-stop solution for clubbers and promoters. Promoting will never get any easier for promoters, and knowing where to go clubbing will never be a problem again.

Promotion City is committed to being the best website that provides up to date, up to the minute information on clubs, bars and events etc. We started off as the only UK based company offering an all round solution that appeals to promoters, clubbers, DJ's and MC's, but competition has seen similar companies join in on the niche. Every day, many of our visitors are in need of a solution as to where to go in order to find information about a club, a bar, or an event.

With an integrated combination of directory services, entertainment news, and nightclub information, we are rapidly becoming the single, enterprise-wide business intelligence standard for promoters around the world. We anticipate our customers' needs well into the future by architecting and delivering a website that can be expanded for future propositions and ideas.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audiences are party goers, clubbers and socialists who enjoy a good night out. But also, in addition the website attracts event and party organisers who wish to advertise their event.

Our visitors age ranges from 18 to 40 and 60% female, 40% male. The majorities of users are computer literate and will spend over 20 minutes on the website looking for a nightclub to go to.

We would like to keep the same audience, but at the same time attract as many "others" as possible. We found that majority of our existing members are black and are in to R'n'B, Reggae, Hip Hop and other music alike. We would like to open up this audience to a wider race and those who like a wider music genre.

Our existing website looks like this:
One of the demo designs that has been proposed for our new website looks like this (this uses the old logo):
Another demo of our new website looks like this (again, this uses the old logo):


Our website will be re-launching soon and this is the reason we would like a new logo designed to impact on the "re-launch" or "rebuild" of the "all new Promotion City". We want to come back with a newer idea, a fresh face with a new and much more modernised website, embracing the social networking community. It is important that we make the website more appealing to a wider race, and a wider range of music genres.

Our previous website colour theme was dull blues, and our logo was a simple type face that is easily identified, mainly white on black but varying in colours (see attached files).

Our request is for a logo that can be used mainly on a plain background, and should only have a few main "core" colours for easy identification and to make the website theme match. The new website will be based on shades of oranges and blacks (see attachments). We request the logo be designed as a website "top header" that incorporates the city of London's famous skyline to emphasise "City" in "PromotionCity" and also because this was something that was always recognised in the old website. The logo should have variations so that it can be used without the top header "background detail". We'd like to have an landscape and portrait variation of the logo too.

So, do you have what it takes to deliver a design to suit the new identity of an all new Promotion City?

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