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Clean, not tacky-techy logo for UK web dev startup

RichieRampage avait besoin d'un nouveau design de logo et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment RichieRampage a commencé son expérience création de logo

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REPOSTED *******************************

Whilst we quite like the wining logo from last competition. We do not feel it is strong enough and want to redo. This time we want thedesigner to have complete freedom. The colors, example and current logo are purely examples that can be thrown away in an instant if a better design is put forward.

REPOSTED *******************************

Claritis Limited is an agile next gen, start-up web solutions provider based in the UK. To achieve our clients goals, Claritis will design, architect and build solutions utilising open source products. We specialise in architecting web solutions using the Drupal CMS framework and bespoke development. As a one stop shop Claritis also take on whatever creative web design and online marketing services.

How we do things
By leveraging free open source and community products, we work with our clients to architect web sites and applications. We stand on the shoulders of giants utilising the many community developed building blocks (e.g. e-commerce, image gallerys, forums, seo etc.) to deliver high value but cost effective solutions. We play fair and expect our client to and work with nice people on interesting projects with realistic aspirations.

•Business focused, online website/application solutions- make or save money for our clients (increase sales or make processes more efficient)
•Cost effective. we run a low cost tight ship
•virtual team model utilising online collaboration tools
•We try and be as simple and uncomplicated as possible in all aspects of the business and services

Current logo
The logo has been designed in house and although fairly happy we feel that further creative refinement and polishing is required. We are also very open to completely new ideas.

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UK small businesses but branding needs the legs to go corporate too when we get there!
We are positioning ourselves above the basic web design services in the architecture of web contnet managment solutions. We deliver cost effective solutions to the small to medium business who are often let down in both the initial specifiction and delivery of web solutions


•The orange bricks represent pixels, building blocks and/or a monitor/webpage in it’s simplest form (back to clarity).
•Building blocks (modular approach to projects and solutions)
•Rectangle represents both simplicity and a monitor/viewing portal.
•We would like to retain the simplicity and clarity of the logo
•Current font called diavlo happy to look at others
•We like orange
•We will have a clean, white, spacious web design
•We wouldlike to introduce at one other colour for the design of website and branding in general, this may or may not appear in logo.
•Website solutions message needs to stay within logo as claritis does not communicate what company does.
•Do not want logo to look too techy, more modern slick online business

What are we trying to portray

•Multiple platforms (eventually) mobile, tablet, pc. etc.
•Communicate business services, more related to enabling website functionality than design although design very important (website solutions rather than website design?)
•Modular aspect of web development architecture services (hence the blocks in current logo)
•We love tech but are more focused on client profitability without tacky currency symbols or upwards graphs!
•Our collaborative open source approach
•We like clean
•Anything used must be there for a reason
•A colour palette of 4-6 colours should be part of the deliverables.

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