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New cafe logo - Sydney harbour views sure to be talk of the town

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Nom de la marque

Shot Cafe


This fab new cafe is located on the headland of Sydney Harbour - it has magical views and is remotley located in the headland park. The building is classified as heratige and used to be the officers mess when it was Army territory. We (Peter the ex cafe owner of 16 years and Tracey who works in PR) are going to establish a happening cafe operation that services nearby offices, dog walkers, bike riders, lets do lunchers etc People will be thrilled to hear that Peter is back in the game and will flock to see what he is up to. Tracey will coodinate the event side of the business as this is sure to be a popular spot for celebrations as it has a large outdoor area that fronts onto a park, the parking is easy and that view stunning. We have a liquor lisence too which is a bonus. We are open every day 7.30am - 5.30 pm and will hold private functions in the evening and most probably open for dinner fri and sat nights next summer. We are outdoorsy, high energy types and want to establish a friendly casual atmosphere that serves fresh fabulous food, quality coffee, cool beers and crisp wine. We will employ young happy staff to keep our customers smiling, will train them well and reward them for their hard work. Pete's tasty morsels will be served up in an efficient, clean and bright manner. Word of mouth re a new cafe in this top spot should keep us very busy both weekdays and weekends.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

There used to be a cafe operating here before called THE BARN (yawn). It has been gone for 4 months and we are reopening in a fresher, smarter more appealing way. People are eagerly awaiting the new cafe!
We have a few different markets that will visit us for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch an afternoon tea - take away and eat in.
- There is an artist colony in neighbouring buildings (x 20 people)
- Near by offices - this cafe is their closest one (3-5 min walk x 150+ people) these offices are boutique business types
- Bush track walkers, cyclists, dog walkers
- Mosman Sydney locals - there is plenty of free parking close by
- Sports mums as their are kids sports ovals close by
Other cafes in the area are very busy and we hope to get a good share of the action.
The Mosman locals are generally high wealth types, like good quality food and coffee, think they are very cool and worldly, like a bit of edgy style but not too much and will be very loyal if they like a place. And they like to be seen....!!!
So in summary...their will be fairly casual office workers, woman excercisers/walkers, older couples with free time and lots of $, a few kids, cyclists, ladies lunches.....they are fussy types but hopefully we will win them over and get them to flock.
Our look and feel will be contemporary inside - white, silver & bright green - with polished floor boards & wooden furn outdoor.


A fabulous logo!
Aim for it to be contemporary, smart, clean and crisp.
Main emphasis on the SHOT with Cafe may be underneath and less significant.
The logo will be used for signage outside on a sandstone post 1m x 30cm + on all other material - website, biz cards, menus, function info etc etc
The inspiration for the SHOT name comes from the Army base heritage (x officers mess room) and a SHOT of the locals are really into quality coffee.
We hope to get people to say let's go for lunch at SHOT.
I'm just going to SHOT to grab a coffee....
We are not really into colour...may be browns, silvers, blacks, charcoals, greys (gun metal grey could be good) ?????
No busyness or much detail just the words no images unless u think it really works?...
The look and feel = smart, bold, less is more, cool, stark, modern but not too edgy, fresh...not soft but between feminine and masculine
Block letters i'd say rather than flowing...not at all busy - but very very simple.
To set the scene - the location is a stand alone heratige building, bushland and park surrounds with stunning harbour views. We will create our SHOT brand with in all this.

The files we need are:
Print file format - ai (CMYK)
Web file format - jpeg & layered.psd(RGB)

Have fun!! and thankyou from SHOT Cafe.

We havent set it up yet - we get the keys next week and are very excited.

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