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Bucks on the Street


You may have heard of Cows on Parade, an exhibit of life-sized cows decorated by a myriad of artists and sold via auction. It’s the Buck that stops in Buckhead (a city in metro Atlanta, GA). Where cows may be kitschy, Bucks have reigned supreme in this metro Atlanta community dating back to the mid-1800s.

Bucks on the Street will be a campaign of life-sized bucks (more cartoon than real-life design) with the 'buck' designed by one of the original Buckhead Boys - famed illustrator Jack Davis - Details and examples of the illustration will be attached

It is hoped the logo will capture the spirit of the community – a live/work/play arena that is a serious center of finance and commercialism, while at the same time, embodies the charm and grace of its southern roots. There is a deep sense of history, an appreciation of art and culture, and a commitment to ‘pay it forward’ (giving back through the Foundations Core Mission Pillars). Cosmopolitan and Sophistication are combined with a wink and a nod as it pertains to the Buck statue (unique/fun)

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE CREATIVE BRIEF ATTACHED BEFORE BEGINNING DESIGN! Line drawings are attached as well as an example where a local artist "colored" in the drawing.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Primary: Buckhead Business Leadership. The Buckhead Coalition is a group of the top 100 business leaders. Membership is limited, and there is a sizeable fee to participate. The group works together to do things for the community. This target audience will be the top tier of individuals / businesses approached for sponsorship (banks, attorneys, financial institutions, real estate leadership, developers, deal makers, etc) The logo needs to resonate highly with this group.

Secondary: The next level of business owner/leadership in Buckhead. These are retailers, restaurants, financial services, professional services etc. that drive Buckhead’s economy.

Tertiary: The General Public. The Buck logo must be generally appealing, as this is a public program and will rely on public support (in part) for its success. But it is likely that this group will take its cues from the primary and secondary audiences (i.e., the decision leaders) anyway.


Part One – Where the Buck imagery comes from
Attached are several images of “Buck” that were used to create the statues to be decorated and later auctioned. The imagery was created by Jack Davis, one of America’s best known and beloved illustrators (MAD magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman was born of Davis’ fingers).

Davis is an Atlanta native, and is among the original “Buckhead Boys,” a group of Buckhead community friends and supporters. Davis is a consummate Southern gentleman with an easygoing personality – you could say he was the “buck” model for his own illustrations.

Part Two – Parameters
Buck is an easy-to-like figure. He is self assured but not smug). He has that spark that speaks to enjoying life, but does so with purpose. His goal is to make Buckhead the best community in which to live/ work/ and play
 The logo must incorporate Buck. It can be stylized, and designers are free to play with the character (he can be head only, sitting, standing, holding objects, etc)
 There should be a “B” visible somewhere on the Buck.
 Jewel tone colors are favored (no pastels). Logo must stand out in both color and as a black & white. Font style is at designer’s discretion.

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