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Bring135yr family Orchard into 21stCentury, retain Heritage feel

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"FlavourFruits" or "FlavourFruits Orchard" (open either depending which works best)


The Morrison family have been growing fresh fruit in Warkworth, NZ for 135 years.The 1st orchard was planted by Edward Morrison in 1875 which expanded over the years and in early 1900’s the original Morrison orchard had one of the largest nurseries in the southern hemisphere. We were the first to export apples overseas from NZ (stuffed in barrels of wet sawdust) and through his close relationship with the then Governor of NZ, Sir George Grey, Edward Morrison discovered and developed with his son John the now well know NZ Grapefruit or as it was known then “Poorman’s orange” or “Morrison’s seedless grapefruit”, unique for the fact it had no pips. (google Morrison’s seedless Grapefruit to sift through some history files) For various reasons the original Morrison orchard is no longer producing but have been converted into dairy farms. The new family orchard that we are now running was planted in 1935 as a continuation of the family tradition and history, but on a different site while the old site was converted to farm land.
The newer orchard never reached its full potential due to the 2nd WW and is today still considerably smaller than the previous family orchard. There is however room & potential for expansion and development, which is in my mind for the next 5-10 years.
I am the 6th generation Morrison to continue the tradition of growing fresh, tree ripened fruit in NZ.

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People want different things now, they shop differently, they are (generally) more convenience driven but yet will spend silly money for emotive things at farmers markets etc. Things like fruit & veges have been commoditised with more competition from supermarkets offering year round produce for many things, most often with inferior quality fruit, or worst, fruit that looks great but when you bite into it, has no flavour!!
We do not want to compete with Supermarket's commoditised produce. Our brand/logo needs to draw on the emotions people associate with the warm, juicy fresh fruit you used to buy before the days of mass temperature controlled storage. We sell our fruit direct at the orchard and differentiate ourselves based on our history of producing tree ripened fruit & fruit products (jam, sauce, pickles etc) and the fact we pick our fruit ripe every day. I can genuinely say that our fruit is the sweetest, juiciest, most flavour filled fruit I have ever eaten (and I have lived in 8 different countries so far)
I feel we, the Morrison family, have a unique offering, one that I am keen to portray in our branding and future development, embodied and carried forward in a uniquely recognisable logo/colour scheme.
Audience is everyone who likes fresh fruit that tastes good, this covers a massive demographic but all you designers should be able to relate to what I am saying :)


The logo will be used to catch attention, become universally recognised and associated with our tree ripened, juicy, flavoursome fruit that we grow and sell.
The logo will be used on our website (yet to be developed so another auction will be done for that later) as well as all produce packaging, marketing & sales documentation.
If it fits with the branding I quite like the name "My Mum's" for our range of jams, pickles and sauces.
This produce packaging would still have our FlavourFruits logo but in my mind this product range of "processed" fruit items would fall into "My Mum's" range. Bottled sauce, jars of jam, jars of pickles and in the future possibly a juce range. eg: My Mum's ...Plum Jam; My Mum's... Million Dollar Pickle; My Mum's ...Plum Sauce, My Mum's ...Fresh Orange Juice etc

I am very open to any concept you guys & girls come up with. I would like it to have a unique feel, draw people in with that emotive word "Flavour", be new but also have that feel of history, and if possible compliment the "My Mum's" product range for the jams etc.

I look forward to some creative designs. Following the logo I will also be looking to develop the website.

For further information or clarifications feel free to contact me at

Best regards

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