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New Branding for Massage & Wellness Center

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Nom de la marque

UrbanRMT Massage and Wellness


This project is to create a more refined version of the logo sample provided (see link below) for a massage and wellness center, UrbanRMT in a major urban center in Canada. We are looking for a more refined version of the sample provided (see link below). We would like to use a very modern style typeface that speaks to the youthful nature of the target market. The current typeface is Balkeno. Please, please be free to change this font but please maintain the visual message and style. The current is meant to be approachable and friendly, yet modern and clean.

If you would like to add a graphical element, subtle and clean is the way to go.

For colors, we would like to use purple as a primary, for example (not a rule) CMYK - C.79 M.85 Y.43. K.42, gray, black as well.

The word Urban really speaks to the audience that the client is trying to target, young professionals who posses a desire for a healthy lifestyle.

RMT (Registered Message Therapist) speaks to the fact that in Canada, to practice massage therapy, you must obtain a Certificate of Registration from the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (the College). The College under the Massage Therapy Act and the Regulated Health Professions Act sets all registration requirements. You cannot practice as a massage therapist unless you are registered with the College.
Hence UrbanRMT meant to demonstrate certification.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our client is interested in reaching a young, professional audience of:

• According According to the 2009 AMTA consumer survey, an average of 22 percent of adult Americans received at least one massage between July 2008 and July 2009, and an average of 34 percent of adult Americans received a massage in the previous five years.6
• In July 2008 and July 2009, 40 percent of women and 29 percent of men reported having a massage in the past five years.4
• Spas are where most people continue to receive massage, with 24 percent of those surveyed in July 2009 saying they had their last massage at a spa.

• Predominantly Women aged 24-44
• Professionals with an income range of $40k- $80K
• Is interested in eating and living well
• Regular exercise

• Pregnant women
• Athletes )
• Weekend warriors
• Stressed-out Executives
• People in self-improvement programs
• Pre- and post-operative recovery
• People with disabilities
• Attorneys
• Accountants
• Seniors
• The entertainment industry
• Natural disaster survivors and workers
• People in addiction recovery programs
• Patients of other primary care providers
• Small business owners
• Students
• Abuse survivors
• Computer operators
• Military personnel
• People committed to wellness
• People with chronic pain
• Healthcare providers


The natural colors associated with our client (UrbanRMT) are purple as a primary, for example (not a rule) CMYK - C.79 M.85 Y.43. K.42, gray, black as well. We are certainly fine with exploring those colors however we are open to including a new color pallet that speaks to Health and Wellness. Green for example may signify renewal and that may be appropriate, etc…

• Feel free to be creative. The logo must be simple, clean and needs to be distinct and recognizable.
• Illustrations are fine but we do not want anything too "cartoonish"
• Logo MUST work in monochrome as well as color, if a color logotype is presented
• Impeccable typography please - no dingy fonts, we will pay for the font if need be.
• Needs to be scalable – We will use this logotype for everything from a large wall sign, website and t-shirts to business cards. Absolutely no clip art please.
• We will require a full color and black & white high res .jpg, an .eps, a .gif and a .psd (RGB) & (CMYK) psd (layered) so we can separate the images and also be print ready.
• We will also require a stacked & horizontal variation of the logo if the design allows.
• Verb Strategy & Creative will own the logo 100% with no usage by anyone else.
We have open minds - surprise us. We will monitor the page regularly to provide feedback quickly.

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