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Bicycle shop needs a bold logo

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Nom de l'entreprise

Brumble Bikes-" Saving the world one bike at a time."


I have worked in the bicycle retail industry for 20 years and have owned my own business for the last 6 years. My background includes extensive time training to be the best cyclist I was able to be,including time spent in Belgium learning the ropes to race at the highest level that I was able to. I still actively race at a local level and a large part of my business is coaching riders to perform at their best.

I want my business to be successful but at the time to not grow beyond the ability to service my customers individual needs. Over time the business needs to attract like minded customers and employees with similar passion and skills to myself who I can nurture to change how cycling is perceived locally. To go from a kids toy to a vehicle that expresses joy and freedom not found in other forms of activity.

Having customers how are price focused is not a objective that I have. My main focus is building long term relationships with my customers. Encouraging them to ride actively giving them any help needed to reach their goals and needs. This can include advice,quick service in a pinch,researching proper selection of products and providing non traditional bicycle shops services such as coaching.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Target market is men and women between the ages of 30-60 who are either active enthusiastic cyclists or would want to become one. Logo needs to appeal to a younger male market at the same time ages 12-18.

The common bond among all customers is that they enjoy cycling as their passion and hobby. They are not professional athletes but do aspire to either have very high fitness levels or skills compared to the regular population. They are driven to excel in many areas and cycling is one of them.

Older customers are goal oriented and value their time having to combine work,family and cycling. The younger customers value the social aspects of riding with friends-a sense of belonging,skill acquisition and some ego driven behavior. Many customers enjoy a "club" atmosphere-where they are the members. They all also want to feel like they are unique and special. A great logo can make them"belong".


-Logo picture should convey the feeling of riding,freedom,speed, competition.
-I have no colors that I favor so go for it!
- If the logo could be rendered in other colors in the future that would be a plus.
-Any type face should be clear if it is part of the logo. In the past when just my business name was used I used a script not some kind of block lettering.
-The main reason that I have used script in the past was that I did not want the business name to over ride another design. Basically I was letting the product or service speak for itself and relied on the user to promote the business this worked well.
- Please do not use any stock images or clip art in the logo
-I need the design to be able to be reduced or enlarged as needed I think that means a vector format of some kind.
-Current lame but it is what I got for now. There is no logo or art work that I am that fond of just something to get the site going.
-A few sayings I have used in other ads
1. Saving the world one bike at a time. Conveys the individual attention I would like to give.
2. Helping you go further and faster. Fulfilling my customers needs.

-Logos I like
1. simple
2. simple

- logo I don't like
1. What is it?
2. I am not looking for the initials to be the main part of the logo.
3. I don't want bike parts in the logo unless it is really unique but this is way over done in my opinion.

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