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Bay Area Church Needs New Logo To Match Identity

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Great Exchange Covenant Church (GrX)


We are Great Exchange Covenant Church - an 8 year old Christian church in the South Bay (Sunnyvale), CA. A church of about 350 people on any given Sunday. Demographic is largely 25-35 year olds, followed by young families. We have lots of kids infant-grade 5

In a word, our church is about TRANSFORMATION. At the core of what we believe is a deep conviction that God transforms people. In the person and work of Jesus Christ there is a Great Exchange in our hearts of what we were (a slave to ourselves and our desires), for what God re-creates us to be (forgiven, and living for love of God and others). This is the crux of the Gospel, and is what we want to be about.

Our Vision is to be a vibrant, healthy church that partners with God in transforming multiethnic people into committed followers of Jesus Christ, who live in community for the cause of loving one another and serving locally and globally.

Our church has entered into a new phase of its life. At the 8 year mark a number of things have happened in the church. Kind of in an "adolescent" phase. Growing into who we have the potential to be. We are fun, loud, unconventional. At the same time, we are serious about being in line with our core vision and identity: Transformation, loving God, loving others.

The logo can reflect this - not too serious, rigid, adult stuff. Not kid Hello Kitty stuff either.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We are looking for a logo that reflects us. It will brand the church in powerpoint slides on Sundays, on the church bulletin, letterhead, posters, etc...

It isn't like a brand of jeans we're trying to sell. It is like the vision above - we want to be a multiethnic, and multi-generational church - we want to reach these people with God's transformational love. I suppose that is pretty generic!

The Silicon Valley is a land of young professionals. Software engineers, designers, doctors, lawyers, highly educated people. All fill our church on Sunday morning. However, often overlooked are large pockets of marginalized people, and those in lower income brackets. Bridging socio-economic class is more difficult that bridging race divides, in many ways. But it is in our DNA to reach in both directions, bringing race, class, status, young, old, everyone, together before God.

Upwards of 85% of people in the Silicon Valley do not attend a church on Sunday mornings.


The logo should reflect the Great Exchange, and Transformation aspects of our church. I like the idea of motion. Additionally, the shape and style of the font, and colors, should reflect who we are and where we're at (adolescence, as described above - growing up - serious yet fun).

It should also incorporate the church's shortened name: GrX - either as written there, or lowercase. I can also incorporate the full name: Great Exchange Covenant Church. Play with it...

Font - we aren't crazy about strong angles, but also hate bubble writing. No Hello Kitty. No Times New Roman. One is too young, one too old. (I personally like Islander, but please please please don't feel tied to that).

Colors - we like a youngish color palate (I'm no designer, that's why I'm here). It can have accents of a mature taste (deeper colors?), but should not be old. It can be light, but should not be childish.

Things we need: scalable - color (or color options) - a black and white option.

Note: the winner will likely be asked to create logos (for payment) for our youth programs - Junior High and High School, if he or she is up for it.

Note: Our website is in process of redesign, but you can see it here:

Note: Crosses not necessary in the logo. But possible.

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