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Nom de la marque

Radiant Heart Coaching


I am in the business of supporting you in achieving your dreams! I am an inspiring speaker, life coach, and I believe everyone has an inspiring story. My job is to coach you to discover your passions and purpose in life.

My training is specifically designed to coach my clients in a simple 10 step process to uncover their dreams, passions, overcome any obstacles, and work through the steps required to achieve their dreams.

I am joyful, happy, and want the best for my clients.

I chose the name Radiant Heart Coaching because I want to radiate my inspiration to my clients. The word Courage is derived from the word for heart, so you can think of it as Radiant Courage.

I radiate positive emotional energy. I believe in my clients and I encourage (give them heart, if you will) to succeed. I am a beacon of light to inspire them. I have joy and encourage others to live in their joy and abundance.

I am creating my team of experts to support me in achieving my business dreams for this coaching company and I want you as part of my team. I value your creative energy and look forward to working together.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

My target audience are people who want more happiness, success, and joy out of life. They have an interest in self improvement. They read self help books. They may already be successful in their careers but feel a little something missing. They are looking for leadership and encouragement.

They may be high tech types of people who are out of balance with their life. They may be quiet and shy people who have a lot of dreams but need a person to help them express it. They may have the soul of an artist but have kept that a secret.

What they all have in common is the desire to be inspired.

My audience does not have a particular religious affiliation. They may have a variety of spiritual practices that can be respected by my coaching process.

My audience is basically optimistic.

My audience has a sense of humor, can laugh at themselves, appreciates a good story well told.

The age range is young adults to retirees. They tend to be forward thinking and willing to invest in themselves.


The obvious choice is a visual that indicates a heart and inspiration combined.

Brand name is: Radiant Heart Coaching
Tag line: Speaking, Coaching, Inspiring Listening

Bold, eye catching, stands out as inspiring.
Can use negative space like example I did as attached.

Desire a white background or suitable for printing on business cards, letterhead.

Files to be used for web page, business card printing, and letterhead stationery so .ai , photoshop, .jpg.

I need the logo to reproduce well after faxing, in gray scale photocopies, and on the web. So color gamut as can be printed and online.

Gradients should be used with care to meet the above requriements

I do like the work of KhingKhing on the Spot Labs contest among other designers. I liked the subtle, almost ghostlike repetition of the logo in muted gray as the background.

Please no backwards letters or difficult to read fonts. I want the viewer of the logo to have an instantly recognizable experience.

I encourage you to have fun with this contest, express yourself fully, and be the greatest artist you can be. We all benefit when you bring your best.

examples I liked from other contests:…ers/281282…ntries/552

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