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Austin Real List


Just started my first Real Estate Brokerage in Austin, TX, Been in the business a few years. I have an advertising degree from UT, in my late 20's. Most my agents so far are in their 20's as well. My informal slogan is "Mike MacLaggan, not a douche bag." What I mean by this is I'm not your typical Realtor. I'm not a hard seller, I don't wear too much make-up, dress in a monkey suit, or have a bee hive hair-do. I don't twist your arm or drive you to areas that you don't want to live in or cant afford. I'm hip to the pulse of the young Austin culture - I have a lot of college age and youngish couples as clients, but I don't want a logo that lacks maturity. Looking for a design solution that somehow makes our (somewhat) cumbersome name (Austin Real List) quickly readable, concise and 'pop'....or, if that's too much trouble a fun little "bug" that I can use next to the words "Austin Real List"

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Target Audience: 18-35 primarily English speakers - I advertise lifestyles mostly (walk to this restaurant, bike to this bar..etc...) and end up finding mostly college age folks and young couples. I would like to appeal across the board to the extent it need not be too childish/abstract, punk/graffiti/cartooney etc...needs to be traditional design to an extent, but obviously nothing as serious as a bank or insurance logo (and need not feel like a large corporate real estate company logo)

ps attached logo is just what i've been working with - please, you don't even need to use it as a starting point, really...thx - also a tiny bit more about design - I would like the final product to be a "badge or button" or some definitely center-weighted shape / as opposed to something very wide. I would like a square (or circle) instead of a rectangle, does that make sense? The winning design probably will not have "Austin Real List" all written out horizontally. Although if lightning strikes you and a killer idea for horizontal lettering comes to pass, please, let her rip! Can't wait to see y'alls ideas.


It needs to be Clean. Sharp. Simple.
Already went into this a little above, but I need a logo for a young, smaller real estate company in Austin Texas.
A u s ti n
Real List
Was thinking a solution for the text may be to have Austin on top in a thin/wide typeface - and "Real List" fatter/bolder below that so they are the same length. But please, you guys are the pros - do what you think is best. I would like it to be readable from a distance (like say the street 15 feet away if it was the size of a basketball on a door).
I like the design of this logo here:
If I could get a nice ,crisp little button with a typeface that makes my name "Austin Real List" 'pop' off the page, I would be very pleased indeed.
Or, I would be open to a nice, crisp, concise yet bold typeface design, with a "bug" to augment - something simple and iconic (having to do with Austin?/real estate/or just an attractive shape? I think I could get behind that as well.
As far as colors, I'm not married to anything. If you want to take a look at my extremely simple site I've been using for the past few years, here it is:
But again, these colors are by no means what we have to stick with.
Will need the file in formats so I can print at high resolutions, and also put on the web. And I need the original PSD files as well.
no stock/clip art

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