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Momentum Business Solutions Ltd


We provide small to medium sized businesses with a variety of accounting functions including payroll processing, daily transaction processing, compliance requirements for Inland Revenue and monthly financial reporting. The focus is on professionalism, timeliness and good communication with clients. Types of businesses include real estate sales offices and their independent salespeople, vineyards and wineries, other small businesses consisting of engineers, journalists and horse racing people. We do this so business owners can focus on what they do best in their businesses therefore freeing them from the mundane stuff like accounting, which we love to do. We are a small team providing a great service to those small businesses. "Accounting By Design" is about the business owner choosing what services they require based on modules with modular pricing ie. payroll of 1-5 employees = $30 per payrun, processing creditors and paying monthly accounts = $150 per month, reconciling business bank transactions and producing GST returns = $200 per month etc. The focus of this business is on absolute professionalism. We also do some software training if businesses want a solution for them to be able to process their own accounting information.

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Small to medium sized businesses that require a professional and timely service which will be at very competitive rates compared to employing someone in house. We can do this at approximately half the cost of an employee without the risk of only one person knowing how to process the information. We like real estate offices as the income from them per annum is around $25k. An in house person will be in excess of $50k +. There are daily requirements with contracts to pay to salespeople and solicitor trust accounts. There is also a salaried payroll plus debtors and creditors and monthly management reporting and budgeting. One of the largest components is managing the marketing funds for each property, along with trust account management. Currently have 3 real estate offices. Income from these vary from $26 - $36k which is dependent on the numbers of salespeople. Salespeople operate their own businesses as they are on commission only. These people would also be good to add to the mix. We like to quote a fixed fee per month for processing the accounting information. The business owner then knows exactly what they are up for from a cost perspective and we know how much income we will receive. Not into charging on an hourly basis - too time consuming and unproductive.


We are wanting a very professional, clean looking brand which can be used for stationery and website. Businesses need to look at it and say "wow - I want to contact these people because they know what they are doing"
Included is current branding which was done in 2003 - now completely outdated and too cartoonish.
I have added some files below - sorry my copier doesn't colour scan but I have provided current colour letterhead. Files attached are:

MBS Ideal Logo - a logo I found which depicts momentum or movement - without the red centre piece. I like the 3-D circle and it could be a bit more 3-D. Colours in the circle are good. Open to new colour options - black and red would be good. It needs to look clean, simple and professional.

MBS Current Branding - my current business card front and back - things have changed somewhat since these were created

Website Information - link to current website - thank goodness it's not active!!
Example of what new website is likely to look like
Colleagues' website (Business Support Services) who I do contract work for and don't want to look like a copy cat

My Business Card for Business Support Services - Copy of my BSS card front and back

Current MBS Letterhead and Colour Scheme - shows the colours now. This was never really what I wanted and everytime a print run is done, the shade changes. The logo was never created as a jpg file to upload as each piece was a different component. This was a real pain so the the letterhead has been done using Snag-It. Looks really bad as it's fuzzy.

My colleagues, Business Support Services, provide very similar services to Momentum Business Solutions. The point of difference is that it will be a fixed fee rather than an hourly rate.

I like the tag line - " Accounting by Design" for Momentum Business Solutions

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