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Wordpress-Template for a young swiss politician and her campaign

REFUSiON GmbH avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment REFUSiON GmbH a commencé son expérience thèmes wordpress personnalisés

Nom de la marque


As a young Swiss politician (Brenda Mäder, president of the young liberal party of Switzerland) I am currently reshaping my web-appearance. For the campaign (Election of national council as well as the regional parliament’s election), a new website will be launched soon.

For the campaign in total, I am looking for a wordpress-template, referring to the idea of the already existing wordpress-design „Obama scheme“ ( Also, on top of the site, a lettering/logo showing the web-address „“ should be shown. This lettering will also be used on hand-outs, business cards, etc. Shortly: The website „“ will be the campaign for Brenda Mäder’s political campaign.

The goal is to create a brand out of the name of the website. Therefore, one major part of the redesign is to create a Lettering/Logo for “”. For the coloring, as written in "Requirements", it should preferably be held in blue and white.

The lettering should remind of the following points/ideas:
- Young
- New idea
- Activity
- Frank, direct, straight to the point
- At the same time: serious
- My main topics in politics are personal freedom and therefore being a counterpart towards the ongoing growing of rules and restrictions. My other main topics are social politics (welfare state, health care, etc.) and, as a young politician, the long-term view in general.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Young people, politically interested people, newspaper-readers (printed version) as well as people having sympathy towards the FDP (Freisinnige Demokratische Partei der Schweiz, liberal party of Switzerland).

The template should be referring to the idea of the „Obama scheme“, and show both party logo as well as the lettering „“ on top of the page. The template’s color scheme should principally stay the same as in the example, but, as the campaign is held in Switzerland, the „stars and stripes“-sujet should be left out.

In Swiss politics, name-letterings/logos are not very common. With the campaign „“, I am trying to do something new. This is also what the character of the lettering/logo should be and why the wordpress „Obama scheme“ has been chosen as an example. At the same time, my candidature for the National Council is meant seriously.

The current website, a „standard“ blog hosted by wordpress:

The wordpress template, to be taken as an example, the „Obama Scheme“:

Positiv and negative points of the "Obama Scheme":

+ Coloring
+ Structure
+ Space for photographs

- Typography
- “Stars and Stripe”-Sujet

As the lettering/logo „“ will be used for printed products as well, it should be useable for printing large- and small scale.


For every page, there will be a different picture of me in this box to make the website look personal.

Here I would like to proclaim my 3 political statements in a striking way. Those statements should be clickable (Boxes, Buttons, etc.) and link to a subpage. 3 Main topics: 1) Personal freedom 2) Long-term goals 3) work should be worthwile.

- “Home”
- “Über Brenda” (about me. Includes a subpage for a photo gallery)
- “Blog”
- “Meine Politik” (my main political points)
- “Agenda”
- “Presse” (press releases)
- “Kontakt” (contact information)
- (optional place for a further menu-point)

The newly created lettering of “” should be placed on the top left of the website. Additionally, the following two logos of political parties have to be placed in the header as well (attached as pics):
- FDP-logo:
- Jungfreisinnige:

On the homepage, there should be a Twitter-Feed with the last 2-3 entries and the common links to facebook, twitter and other social networks.
Also, there should be left some space to put in a paypal-account.

Color & Text
As the FDP’s main color is blue, the lettering „“ should preferably be held in blue and white. In total, the Obama-scheme-colors generally should be kept for the wordpress-template. Furthermore, I expect a complete typography for the website.

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