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Wordpress Template Design for senior IT Consultant

UKCaveDiver avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise

iQ Consultancy


I'm a 41 year old freelancer IT Consultant based in Vienna, Austria (Europe, no kangaroos ;) )

I'm running my business since 1997 although I am working in the IT landscape since 1992 and provide mainly two types of consulting and/or IT services to my clients.

a) I'm hired in mid-term to long-running projects as Java Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, System Engineer, Mentor, Consultant, Analyst, Designer or Developer.

b) I'm doing small to mid size turn-key (mainly web) projects for small to medium companies. Here i'm specialised in database applications, booking systems, rental systems, e-shops, ...

I'm normally neither do Web-Site Projects like CMS (Typo3, Joomla) nor Homepages (Design, Static Content).

Over the years I've worked in several industries (Telco, Finance, Pharma, Government, Automotive), so I have gained a relativly wide spread IT knowledge. Being a generalist my mission is to provide a solution to my clients that fits their budgets as well their expectations in terms of functionality.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The audience of my companies web site will be diverse:

a) recruiters in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and hopefully UK, maybe US
(so multilingual support, at least german/english is highly appreciated)

b) my former and current customers

c) IT press

d) partner companies

Mainly I intend to use the website as a digital business card, online reference (showreel), electronic CV, marketing channel (Google, SEO)
and as a low frequent channel of technical information (articles)


I do have a kind of existing CI for print (business cards, receipts, ...)
see attachments!

all available resources are also provided online on
user: designer
pwd: creative

I would really appreciate if the design follows the given design principles provided (Logo right, colors)

I do have a certain site structure in mind:

Home (page)
- landing page (well of course)

News (blog)
- current activities
- short reports on conferences and fairs
- short articles about technologies
- IT book review/recommendations

Services (page)
- Consulting (subpage)
- Turn key projects (subpage)
- Training (subpage)
- Assessment (subpage)
- IT Book recommendations (subpages, Amazon affeliate program)

References (page)
- past projects as subpages
- success stories as subpages

Skill Profile (page)
- technological areas as subpages

Partners (page)
- networking people

Tools (menu entry)
menu entries to online tools I use / provide to my client
- Wiki (external links)
- Issue Tracking (external links)
- Version Control (external links)

Contact (form)

Imprint (page)

I'm also present in serveral Web 2.0 media including
- twitter
- facebook
- linkedin
- xing

Hope the planned structure of the site helps!
Looking forward to you ideas, but please try to keep colors and logo in upper right corner! If you need other photo please mail!

I would expect the layout in a layered PSD file, so it could be easily coded my the coding service of 99designs.


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