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WANTED: Wordpress Theme Design For Job Interview Coach

imastermind avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Interview Mastermind


Dear Bidder,

We need an experienced graphics designer to create an eye-catching and unique “news worthy” Wordpress design design (no coding). The winner’s design will likely be seen by a large audience as we are planning to feature a book that will be featured on the NY Times Bestseller’s list (hopefully)… so we need intelligent, sophisticated, Apple-quality designers to participate in this contest...

Brand Name:

NOTE: The #1 objective of this Wordpress theme is to BUILD TRUST with our visitors! Attract attention, stop them in their tracks as they scour the internet for interview tips, grab their attention, and make them think "I MUST BOOKMARK THIS SITE AND COME BACK BECAUSE I've discovered a genuine, trustworthy blog that wants to help college grads like me!"

-We want a simple “News Worthy” design: Example blog sites that convey this: ← This is the main site you should get inspiration from in your layout design!! ← this is also a GREAT site to get inspiration from for design and style! ← Great color and very “news worthy” (a little too much noise though)

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Potential Audience of the blog site – Generation Y College Seniors/Grads who are actively looking to improve their job interview skills and are frustrated from getting ineffective interview advice from their career centers, teachers, and over the internet. This demographic is used to having their attention under siege by “scam-like” marketing gimmicks and advertisements and their B.S. detection radar is very keen. This generation favors the design elements displayed in all Apple products.

1. I will check back frequently to give lots of feedback and guidance.
2. We assure you that we will be choosing a contest winner.
3. The copyright for the winning blog site design will be wholly owned and all rights reserved by Interview Mastermind LLC.

***Additional Requirements***
•Accepted File Formats: Layered .psd
•A visible “Follow us on Twitter” graphic link somewhere on the homepage
•Fonts that we like:
-Times Extra Condensed (see
-All Cosmopolitan Fonts (See
-All creative interpretations are welcome


-We imagine blue or white to be the featured colors in the background, but are open to any creative interpretations. Also, the design should use similar colors as to what is used on our logo which can be found here:…
or on our blog here:
or from this site:

BUT PLEASE DONT MAKE THE BACKGROUND BLUE!! I'm shooting for a white background like on

Some essential links/features/navigation menu:
•Home → New Stuff
•Meet Landon → Buzz & Bio
•Accelerated Programs → Bootcamps & Coaching
•Fast-Track Education → Products & Recommendations
•Secrets & Advice → Blog, Articles, Videos
•Success Stories → Customer Testimonials
•Get In Touch

Features to include from
•“Cosmo On The Go” email optin box on the homepage (only replace “Cosmo” w/ Interview Advice)
•“Talk to Us” Comment Box w/ email capture box (Sample question to ask: “What do you HATE about finding a job?”

Features to include from
•“Click Here To Subscribe” header/link on top of page

Features to include from
•Member login in top right corner
•800 number at top left corner
•Profile headshot of Landon Long on homepage (download pics at…
•Member association logos along the bottom (Use rosecole’s logos as place fillers)

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