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Top notch Corporate Design for Stock Broking Firm

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Nom de l'entreprise

The Bridge Securities LTD


The Nigerian Stock Market is a Securities market not unlike the NASDAQ. Everyday, the market trades stocks in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars. Not the size of the NASDAQ ofcourse but is among the top in Africa.

The Bridge Securities LTD is a successful stock broking firm based in Nigeria. See existing website:

The Bridge is the top stock broking firm in Nigeria. It has hundreds of thousands of wealthy clients. What we are looking to do here is build a site that will match Bridge's reputation.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Target audience is made up of the following:

1. Middle-class to wealthy individuals in Nigeria who have funds to invest in the Nigerian Stock Market
2. Nigerian Citizens living outside of Nigeria who want to invest in the Nigerian Stock market


Here is the existing site
The problem with this site is that it is horrible design.

I came up with the following newer, silly design instead. Here, pay attention to the content on the home page. The stock ticker list and news information is dynamic.…/index.php

Goals for new design:
-Would use the same logo, but should be more crisp and perhaps use better font
-should have the colors of the logo, perhaps in different shades
-must be very classy, needs to make me fall in love with it at first sight
-Should have room for dynamic content and use that room very efficiently
-The current (newer ) design wastes too much space with graphics. let's do less of that here, but instead use nice icons to signify the different products/services that bridge offers
-there doesn't need to be a banner at the top (as in newer site design), I prefer to have more marketing messaging
-make the design with 2 kinds of pages in mind: the home page and an inner page
-along with the dynamic content, there should be room for a graph showing the market index, similar to the one that shows up on

please submit a layered PSD file as final deliverable

-----More comments to help with your design:

-if you use a banner, please use something like a bridge in your stock photos, or something more akin to tickets, graphs, or mathematical imagery

-please supply a design for an inner page, without the right side that has all the boxes. Instead, the inner pages should have a secondary nav

3. waste as little space as possible on the top (the less white space up there the better)

-please copy as little as possible from the old site I hate everything about it

- try to use nice fonts on the logo. the existing fonts are pretty crappy

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