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Bob DeCecco avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise (visit site to see LOGO)


I am a former corporate executive and small business owner that gave up the rat race when I found Internet Marketing 2 years ago. I now want to show people how to leverage Social Media Marketing to harness the power of the internet to make money from home using a BLOG as their central hub. I lead a nice home based business lifestyle in sunny florida. I love working from home, wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt, shorts and sandals, sipping on my expresso at starbucks by the beach (best part, no employees, or bosses) and I get time to spend with my family now. This is why I love the power of the internet. I helped co-found which is a training center and list builder for internet marketers, but my focus is now going to be helping the everyday person outside of the internet marketing world how to take their hobby and turn it into extra money, or a new career. I am passionate about empowering others through education and entertainment. I was the former CFO for Tony Robbins too, so I am a bit of a ham and enjoy being in front of an audience as I am passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and live a fulfilled life.

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Bloggeter is an idea that stems from two colliding industries:

1) Blogging, and
2) Internet & Social Media Marketing

Most bloggers are not good marketers, and most marketers don't understand the power of a blog. HOWEVER, the few that have been able to put the two together (e.g., Bloggers that consider themselves Internet Marketers) have been able to build significant brand names with huge followings and sell a boat load of stuff to their lists (AFFILIATE MARKETING) via email marketing, etc.

Many bloggers are trying to teach other bloggers how to make money blogging, however, the only people that make money blogging make money by USING their BLOG as a tool to MARKET via the internet.

So, "bloggeter" will teach bloggers how to become internet marketers and create multiple streams of income by using their Blog as their central hub. And, will be putting a "Social Media Marketing" spin on it, so that "Bloggeter" will be a cross between "blogging" and "social media marketing", hence, "Bloggeter" (Blogger/Marketer).

Target Audience

- Bloggers looking to make money from their blogging
- Internet markters looking to learn how to harness the power of blogging
- Social Media Marketers looking to learn how to leverage a blog
- Anyone looking to make money from home (e.g., work at home moms, etc.)

I'm a Bloggeter....are you!?


VIEW LOGO at & use for design purposes:

2 or 3 column - be creative

some other successful blogs:

Similarly, at minimum I need the following elements:

- opt in box for special offer
- advertisement spots in similar locations (side bar, after posts, header, etc.)
- social media capabilities
- I need the blog to also 'brand' ME, not just the company name (Bloggeter)
- I want the blog comments to use multimedia not just text content.

I would like it to have a bit of a web 2.0 look and feel (NOT OVERDONE or over designed; see logo as an example - crisp and clean, not over the top web 2.0). the color scheme and font should be very warm and inviting, similar to the logo, but still maintain a level of professionalism like the logo design.

The thing I noticed on those blog examples that I DO NOT WANT TO EMULATE is this: (VERY IMPORTANT): I do NOT want it to be so "BUSY" looking. The designs should leave enough room between content, so it's not 'overwhelming to a first time visitor' trying to figure out what they are looking at.

The one last thing that I think is important to keep it from being to 'polished and professional' is a 'MASCOT'. For example, the "Jake" character from - JAKE is what helped CATAPULT the 'Life is Good' brand...I want our character to do the same.

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