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Ophelia1972 avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Vaibmu is the company name. Tagline: "Consulting & Portfolio"


Who we are and what we do

Vaibmu is a strategic consulting & portfolio development company. Our main business areas are consulting & internationalization projects and internet services portfolio development.

Our main expertise areas are media and internet (classifieds, advertising, directories, e-commerce).

Our customers are mainly mid-sized and large media companies as well as directories, classified publishers and industrial investors.

Our core markets are Scandinavia, Russia & CIS, CEE, Turkey and Southern Europe. Vaibmu’s client base is located worldwide, namely in Europe (EU), North America, Russia and the Middle East.

We develop internet projects via joint-ventures and minority shareholding. Vaibmu’s portfolio consists of fully or partly owned assets in the above mentioned regions. Our company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

The word vaibmu means heart in the Northern Sami language.

Contact Vaibmu for strategic consulting in digital media projects.
Contact Vaibmu if you’re a media or digital player planning to enter Scandinavia, Russia & CIS, CEE, Turkey or Spain.
Contact Vaibmu if you have a project you want to co-invest. We focus on internet start-ups, mainly in classifieds (C2C, B2C & B2B).

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our customers are C-executives from the media and content production business worldwide, members of boards of directors, IT managers, marketing chiefs, entrepreneurs and industrial funds and investors, including institutional and private investors. That's the kind of audience that goes to our website.


Whoever wins will be promoted in our corporate blog, just as we do now with the partner who designed our logo, our accounting partner, etc.

The project should be a layered PSD file as it will passed on to a 99designs coding partner.

It's a corporate website, so we want the homepage to operate more like a cms so we can have at least 3-6 key direct access areas to display below the main area (I have posted some examples below).

We like crisp, fresh, simple and to the point. We like the values of Northern life, of order and simplicity, of crisp white snow and bright summer nights.

Our clients trust us, but we need to build trust before they know us, this website should help build that trust. They also want easy-to-read, access and visualize data, so they can get a clear and fast idea of what we do. Remember, for the most part, they are senior management and they are located worldwide, in over 44 countries!

We like uncluttered, simple layouts, with clear structure. Our logo and corporate family font is Helvetica Neue and we like it a lot.
Please check the colour and style guideline (font scheme, colour scheme of logo) in the file Vaibmu_Guideline.pdf). Also feel free to use the icons posted also in the annex files.

Some websites I like (in no particular order):

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