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Online Antiquarian Bookshop with a cool design

Martin Frederiksen avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Josefine O


We love books.

We have purchased a very large quantity of great books from the past.

Now we need a beautiful store for our quality-driven customers in Denmark.

They are female, looking for old and interesting books, and we want to give them a unique experience, personal support and service like in the good ole days.

Helping customers to find the right books is difficult and the personal service we offer is important. Please make our customers feel welcome. :-)


For you as a designer it may important to know that we work with web design and development in other projects. Feel free to talk tech. We know how important it is for a designer to get a straightforward answer to a complicated question.

We also appreciate your efforts (much!) and hope you will enjoy working with us.

We never complain. We are always constructive and helpful.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

As a designer, you don't need to learn Danish, but you must know our audience.

They are female.
They consider themselves as:

1. Educated
2. Cool
3. Curious
4. With a sense of humour
5. A broad range of interests
6. Up-to-date.

What we are looking for is something visual + special.

One design approach could be to visualize the store as a house or perhaps a doll's house from 1930.

Another approach could be - oh, that's your choice. Bring us your ideas, but make sure you are old-fashioned.

The market for second hand books in Denmark is pretty much like in the rest of the western World. Don't be afraid you've never been here.

This is a photo of a Danish bookstore in 1930:…to/116.jpg

This is a photo of commuters, also from 1930:…6b4491.jpg

This photo shows the famous Rundetårn in Copenhagen, 1937:…f711cd.jpg

Enough old photos. The books are mostly from 1950 or older, and we would of course enjoy a more colorful website, but the audience would rather enjoy colors, items and concepts from 1930 than a modern, industrial webdesign.


For a website with a design that is totally wrong for our purpose - but functionally great - take a look at


I have uploaded files to show the look and feel from 1930. Feel inspired.

The stuff below is mostly to outline page content.


1. Masthead with logo.

2. Navigation to sections of the bookshop. IMPORTANT! Think of the website as a house loaded with books.

"Biblioteket" > Library
"Salonen" > Salon
"Havestuen" > Garden room
"Køkkenet" > Kitchen
"Hallen" > Hall
"Bedstemors Stue" > Grandma's living room
"Herreværelset" > Library (but only for men)
"Pulterkammeret" > Box room
"Tante Herthas Stue" > Aunt Hertha's living room

3. A non-intrusive slideshow with feature stories, books and more.

4. A few books with short description and the option to buy from the front page or view details.

5. Newsletter sign-up and the usual footer stuff such as "terms and conditions", "privacy policy" and more. Feel free to use overlays/ajax for the newsletter sign-up.

6. General navigation items such as "contact" and "sitemap" and a search box. Keep it simple.



7. Same masthead and footer as the front page

8. Detailed view of the book featuring detailed description, author, publication year, publisher, large-size photo (if available).

9. Option that readers can comment and rate the book.

10. List of books in a category

11. Add to wishlist

12. Facebook and Twitter-sharing.



Be creative. We will enjoy if you freak out 30'ies style.
We can provide user stories if you want them.

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