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An international team of young professionals, clinicians-in-training, and artists who create Health related work seek to create { ATRIVM }, a digital magazine to redefine this generation in healthcare. The problems that confront us in healthcare can only be addressed through transdisciplinary dialogue and expression, cross-talk among the disciplines of medicine, science & engineering, law, and economics as well as humanities and the arts. We will profile role models and embolden young minds to assert and critically apply. We will track progress innovations. We want to report and investigate on system deficits and explore the Hard stories. We strive for substance; we want compelling; we will make definitive statements.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

- Clinicians-in-training: MD, DOs, nursing, PA, complementary alternative medicine, physical therapists
- Young professionals or students: Social work, clinical psychologists
- Advanced undergraduates wanting to understand the field before they enter it
- Patients who have had a challenging time interacting with the Healthcare world and want to get more of the insider's perspective
- Experienced professionals who want to leave a legacy through meaningful connections with the younger generation and share insights


{ Big Picture }

- Must not look like a blog. Must look like a professional digital magazine, with black text on white background.

- Contrast. Contrast. Contrast. Color is nice in small bits to emphasize; black/Dark Navy vs White would be great to use. We want to emphasize 'redefine' as a theme. It must be compelling.

{ Two Directions for Overall Look }

- I like the clean look and easy functionality of top & side bars from & Good.Is. Would be great to see a similar layout but with more edge.

- Would be blown away if the designer could make something based on network diagrams or even simple tree diagrams, with the categories as major nodes and the stories & articles & interviews as more peripheral nodes. Some connectivity depicted visually is nice. Then, I picture the diagram fades at out the edges like fractals.

{ Devil in the Details }

- Font sensitive. Nothing too pediatric or too round. Want sharp striking clean lines.

- Our readers love the photobar from 'Massive News' themes--in which when you hover over the image, the first lines of text are shown as a transparent sheen. Please do something similar.

- Art section: We have a lot of photos to display. Is there a way to make this pop out in national geographic "in your face" style and have the photos stream horizontally? We want to minimize framing and maximize the area the photo occupies on screen. We want limited animation.

Questions? Email:
Google Voice: 650-265-1193

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