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Homepage for Electronic Dance Music-Project: "Blue Bubbles"

Peter Bull avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 12 designs proposés par 2 designers freelance.

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Voici comment Peter Bull a commencé son expérience thèmes wordpress personnalisés

Nom de la marque

Blue Bubbles


My name is Peter Bull and I have just started a new electronic music project under the name "Blue Bubbles". Genre-wise I love electro, progressive, dubstep, electronica, glitch, 8-bit, funk and artists that have inspired me include: Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Owl City, Deadmau5, Pendulum, Røyksopp, Justice etc. I am really into the more melodic side of the electronic sound and I want my sound to be euphoric and lush as well as gritty and bassheavy. I am also very inspired by the old game-sounds from Nes and Commodore and will use heavily sounds from these old classics.

I have a mild form of synesthesia and I often see music as colors, which is something I want the homepage to represent. I have attached a .rar files with pictures of artwork and designs that I really like that you can use for inspiration.

I have also attached a 1:30 long snippet from the first remix I will release so you can hear what Blue Bubbles sounds like. It is a remix of Katy Perrys "Firework".

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target audience are hip college and university kids, ravers and musicbloggers.


-No flash.
-Compatible with all internet browsers
-Easy to update by me
-Available for future maintenance/upkeep and possible add-ons (I probably want to add a merch-tab in the future)
-web page design has to be light and fast.

-Compelling logo/header. I have attached several adobe illustrators files with already made logos for you to use. You are free to do whatever you want wit the logos as long as they somehow resembles the original form. You are for example welcome to add more details in the letters.

3 Pages (Tabs)
-1. Music: visitors shall have the option to download whole albums, but also have the choice to download and stream single tracks within an album (album art shall be featured)
-2. Bio/Contact.
-3. Blog

The sidebar needs:
-a one paragraph bio
-a music player
-a guestbook
-rss feed
-email signup
-a standardized link-section to all my social media-sites. (myspace, facebook,, twitter, soundcloud,youtube)
-make a huge visible donation-button

I want the homepage in layered PSD files.

I also have a youtube and twitter-page that needs design. To maintain the consistency between my different pages it would be preferrable to have the same designer. Therefore I am very intersted in further collaboration

Are there any questions, don't hesitate ask!

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