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Exciting Wordpress project for London property company

O'Sullivan & Co avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise

O'Sullivan & Co


We are a long-established London Property Management company that works for overseas (Hong Kong/Middle East/Australia/South Africa/East Coast US/West Coast US) property owners that want to get the best & stable income from their rented properties in London. We do all the complicated work for them, so they don't have to have the hassle of dealing with Estate Agents (Realtors) nor finding and vetting tenants, in an industry which is usually full of huge stress, bad customer service and poor performance.

Our team is lead by a director with 20 years experience of property management in Central London, and nearly all our business growth to date has come through referrals from existing clients. We now want to expand upon this by gaining new clients through carefully targeted Google AdWords and a new site is key to this growth.

Though we like wordpress for convenience and ease of use, we wouldn't expect the design to look anything like a normal wordpress site, nor for site visitors to necessarily know the cms/blogging platform being used.

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We want our site to target:
New Clients. People who are interested in having property managed in London for the first time, but also people who may be dissatisfied with their existing property managers. We offer a far more customised service to our clients than most property managers (who are usually a small part of a much bigger estate agency company). We are not an estate agency and are specialists focusing on good solid residential property management.
Potential clients could well be very wealthy and may not have much experience with using websites, so keeping the design and site simple and easy / uncluttered is very important to us.
Our clients may well have a long-standing relationship with their bank manager, solicitor or accountant and we should get across to visitors that we want to build the same relationship with them. Some of our clients hold their properties in registered companies or other offshore based businesses. We are fully proficient in dealing with clients with more complex structures such as these. For these reasons we are keen to come across and emphasise the more 'traditional' aspects of our business though a use of 'traditional' fonts/design, without looking old and clunky.
We find that no two clients are the same and the services we provide to two different clients may be completely different. We would like to (somehow) get that personal message across.


Everything here can be changed if you have great ideas!

* 4 variants of a Layered PSD file.

We're looking for the site to have 4 page content variants/layouts by removing elements from the complete layout for the more basic Home/landing page and Map page. Except 1 all static pages (without the length of normal blog-style pages). This is how we will use the variants:

Home/Landing page:
General information with supporting text and photos leading/linking on to pages listed below, also:
* A few lines/news items from the expert's tips page/news blog (i.e. pull the rss feed in).
* Small map box (not the main page focus) when clicked leads to the 'Areas' page.
* Footer including logo of the FSA (who regulate us in the UK)

Expert tips/news:
A page we can update weekly with new regulations, landlords' tips or general news to keep the site fresh.

Services we provide:
Main part of the site and we would use this as a template for a few identical pages with different content detailing different services.

Areas/Map page:
A page talking about what areas in London we work in, with an embedded Google maps box, so that we can put rough locations of some property on the site as we feel appropriate from time to time.

About/Contact Us - including showing the local time in London somewhere near to our phone number so that clients appreciate that we work from an international perspective.

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