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Design now: Sparkling dynamic innovation company!!!

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Nom de l'entreprise


We are a new sparkling dynamic innovation company, we work with clients and partners who genuinely want to innovate and GROW as we create new customer driven breakthrough business concepts and source, implement them with expertise and professionals with a proof track record. We help our clienst to innovate, to look outside the box, inspire them and release the creative potential of their people, products and brands.

We are an result-orientated, enthusiastic dynamic team with office in the Netherlands and we work as a network organisation working worldwide across with a wide range of partners and client in all different market sectors.
1. Refreshing by simplicity and breaking through existing conventions
2. Turning small ideas into great concepts
3. Connecting the right people and knowledge
People deliver the real results. Finding and connecting the best experts in the proper context is our challenge.
4. Working with conviction and passion
We do what we believe in and believe in what we do.
There are three main domains all focus on GROW
1. People: connect to grow, People and passionate focus
2. Innovation: greenfields to grow
3. Inspiration: journeys, workshops, out of the box sessions

We are young, starters of the company are two strong women with their own vision.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We target at large business companies, but also different companies, CEO's who want to work with passionate, customer directed, creative and real inspiring people. Who are seeking for different approach in order to really make the difference

We also work with clients to increase their innovation capability - developing skills, organisational structures and mechanisms, and identifying and developing how to lead
for successful innovation.


Develop a logo and one worldpress landingpage website page, if you want to upload work.

Logo elements:
* Sparkling innovation logo/element where connection, growing should be included. Simple, stylefull, business like but different
* - Font of the logo name Spargle please use ICT Kabel medium and bold number 31 en 32,
* Colours of logo:A feminal touch as the owners of the company are two strong dynamic women, that is why we thought of direction purple of sparkling blue. It should be fresh, inspiration

Wordpress template landing page:
- Apple white but use strong purple of sparkling blue elements in navigation and atmosfere
- Frehs and sparkling but also business like
- Work with pictures and blocks
- Make it different, keep in mind we are an innovation company
- Have a sparkling element (like a icon) which will be relevant for our business
Technical and SEO reqs
Navigation should be designed in textlinks
We want a footer in order to maintain own content
per page design description tagin

Main navigation:
- People
- Passion
- Projects
- Public
Second navigation
- Contact
- Career
Navigation in 'the middle' (with pictures - main areas of expertise)
You need as designer to win this contest, create:
- Logo
- Develop landing page
- 3 templates (Twitter blog page, contactpage, page with more pictures)

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