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Calling all Right Brains!!! Need a Real Estate Site that Pops!

Passive Equity avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Thème Wordpress et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Passive Equity a commencé son expérience thèmes wordpress personnalisés

Nom de l'entreprise

Passive Equity, LLC


Nice to meet you! My name is Brian and I am co-owner of Passive Equity, LLC. We are a real estate investing company in San Antonio, TX. Shauwn's the real estate guy and I'm the marketing guy. (There are a few videos of us on

We like to have fun and get creative with real estate investing! We have a very casual office (Shauwn is putting across the carpet into a cup as I type).

Our business is helping people solve real estate problems. We can help people sell their homes and turn them into great places for others to live!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Target: People who need to sell their homes quickly.

They might have just been transferred, or gone through a divorce or something that causes them to need to get out of their house. They probably went to their computer and typed "how to sell my house quickly" and came across our site.

These people might be under some stress, so we really want to have a nurturing, welcoming, motherly feel. That's why we would like the image in the top left to be of a welcoming, pretty, nurturing woman... almost resembling a young mother who will take care of the visitor and gently guide them to our form on the top right.

Our site will provide a way for them to get an offer on their house in order to sell it quickly. To do that, we want them to fill out a form so that we can get them an offer.

All eyes should lead to the form at the top-right. The form should have the same functionality as the one that already exists at


This will not resemble a typical wordpress blog (we use Thesis), because all of the normal navigational links should be very hard to find (in the footer). I uploaded a sketch of the design concept. It has a pretty tall header by wordpress standards and the body starts where it says "Sales Page Red Header".

The woman's eyes should lead to the right, there should be 3 red arrows leading to the form from the top, left and bottom. There should be no doubt what the viewer should do (fill out the form). Below the form should be a big button that says "Get My Offer!"

Please get creative with the house graphics and "sold" signs at the top-left (above the header). Also, have fun with the style. I am looking for the base colors to be blues with strong accents in red, yellow, orange or black. (use your own professional sense of color balance.)

The basic structure of the site to resemble the template found here:

Here are some other sites that are trying to do the same thing as us, but with your design skills, we are going to look much better!

One last thing: the area with the woman should be a 16:9 flash movie that I will add later. Your design of the woman and text will show up for the 1st 5 seconds and after the movie.

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