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Bringing Life To The Art Of Speaking

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The Art Of Speaking


I am developing a series of training courses that explore the four topics of leadership, communication, teamwork and productivity. I am really passionate about what I do because I have seen what a difference good communication skills can make to a person's confidence, relationships, career prospects and influence.

Our values are that the training should be...
Enjoyable - Because this is what makes life worthwhile.
Reliable - Quality courses, delivered professionally every time.
Valuable - Our courses have immediate practical applications and will be recognised by employers as such.

We are a highly socially responsible organisation who donate a percentage of proceeds to charity and a percentage of places on our courses to aid individuals who are experiencing hardship or whom aspire to return to the workplace after a period of absence.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The training programme will be open to all, however my target audience will typically be aged 25-55, English speaking, professional people based in Europe and Australasia. Both male and female clients will be equally encouraged to join however the pricing will position the brand at the higher end of the socio-economic scale.

Clients will typically be motivated to improve their communication skills for one of these reasons.

- Taking on a management position for the first time.
- They want to improve their success with sales, dating or interviews.
- They have a speech to prepare for (weddings, award ceremonies etc).
- They would like to overcome social anxiety or low self-esteem.
- They would like to learn how to deliver entertaining presentations.
- They would like to improve the quality of communication in their relationships.


I am looking for a highly professional and elegant wordpress theme. It should be smart, easy on the eye and simple to navigate.

The essential features are as follows...
1. The theme should be compatible with BuddyPress.
2. The header at the top should feature one of the two logos provided with the project information.
3. All pages should feature a navigation menu and a menu of categories at the top, and a series of links to other key pages at the bottom.
4. There should be a visually appealing frontpage that presents highlights of recent feature articles.
5. Regular posts and pages should have either two, or three columns to allow for navigation and widgets in the sidebar.
6. Appropriate buttons etc should be included for Facebook Connect authentication, subscription via RSS and following on twitter.
7. Sidebar should include spaces for graphical adverts for upcoming programmes, testimonials and quotations.

The Navigation options are...
1. About The Programme
2. How It Works
3. Benefits To You
4. Find A Course
5. Explore Our Catalogue
6. Get Answers
7. Free Preview
8. Contact Us

The category options are...
1. Latest News
2. Lessons on Communication
3. Lessons on Leadership
4. Lessons on Productivity
5. Lessons on Teamwork

I shall look forward to answering any further questions that you might have for me.

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