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Whimsical Alphabet Panoramic Stories

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Real OT Solutions™


30+ years as a school-based Occupational Therapist. Currently completing doctoral studies in entrepreneurship. Launching a business to address the fine motor difficulties of young students using original products. Products address handwriting, cutting, drawing skills and more. Trained as an artist, but not in graphics. Now specializing in developmental and learning disorders. Looking for someone who can combine professionalism with personality. Because the intended clients are preschool and elementary grade children, the graphics need to be child-friendly. I prefer drawings that are clever, entertaining and unusual, with clean lines that evoke energy and emotion. The pictures requested this time must be black and white so children can color them in. Future contests will request small one-inch square colored icons of simple objects. If I enjoy your style and interpretation of the scenes requested below, there may be more opportunities ahead. We’ll need an assortment of original artwork for activity pages (e.g. mazes, dot-to-dots, half-page coloring sheets, etc.) as we’re looking to establish a brand, a reputation for quality and a signature look.

This project: B/W 2-frame cartoons (one per page). For printing practice pages. Available space is bottom margin of page, preferably 1" X 6". Some can be 2" wide X 3" high. Mix it up. Be creative.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The products produced and sold by my company address handwriting, cutting, and drawing issues and will be used to increase skills so children can successfully participate in their educational programs. My target market therefore is therapists, teachers and parents of young children with these types of fine motor problems.

This is a start-up niche business and my home territory Philadelphia. It is only logical then that we start by focusing on local geography, including surrounding suburbs and states. In short order, we expect to be both nationally and internationally appealing, utilizing our website, as well as national and state conferences to get the word (and picture) out.

I will be aggressively marketing to therapy consulting groups who dominate school contracts, elementary teachers, administrators who make curricular decisions, parents with special needs children, and parents who home school. We are presently working on our campaign vision, customizing our marketing plan according to the audience and setting. We are already signed up for several state conferences and have connections to many school districts. We have mailing lists of therapists and price lists for online journal print ads. At the same time, we plan to explode onto the public scene in parent support groups, trade shows and other commercial venues.

This is just the beginning.


Alligator eats Apple
Al. sick from apples
Boy w/ balloons
B flies w/ balloons
Cow tows canoe
C relaxes in canoe
Dinosaurs dance
D leave dance
Elephant sits on egg
E surprised. Chicks hatch.
Frogs catch fish
Fish catch frogs
Goats in golf carts
G gets hole-in-one
Horse buys house
H hangs Home Sweet Home picture
Closed Invite on ice cream carton
Ice cream party invitation
Jellybeans in jar
J on counter
Kangaroo dangles keys
K places keys in kitchen
Lion carry lollipops
Lions in love eat lollipops
Monkey roast marshmallows
More monkeys roast marshmallows
Nest full of nuts in tree
Nest of nuts on table
Octopus puts on ice-skates
Ostrich skates with octopus
Peacock plays pool
P floats in pool
Queen unwraps quilt
Q wrapped in quilt
Rabbit cuts garden roses
R places roses in vase
Squirrels on See-Saw
S on swings
Turkey stops truck
T drives truck
Beach Umbrella w/ unicorn pictures
Unicorns under beach umbrellas
Vegetables exchange valentines
Mixed vegetables pair off
Walrus checks watch at busstop
W hugs baby w getting off bus
Xray of a child’s elbow
Xray of entire child excepting elbow
Yak reads yo-yo instructions
Y does yo-yo tricks
Zebra unzips stripes
Z hangs striped zipper jacket

Personify numbers 1-10, w/ row of different school objects. Your choice!

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