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Well-Defined Button Redesign For Web Site Software

Stephen Carter avait besoin d'un nouveau design de bouton ou icone et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Our review site building software will ship with a generic logo that simply says "Reviews", the purpose of which is to convey the essence of the site. Therefore the logo (more of a button) can be used regardless of the domain name and the site niche. A mockup of the button exists showing exactly what is required. Only text and coloration need to be changed. As a bonus, you can optionally elect to receive clients who want modified versions of the final button design (lettering changes).

Nom de l'entreprise

Review Site

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

To see a demo of a review site that uses the required button visit this page:

Currently the button in place in the upper left corner is simply the logo for the Pixish site, with slight change in coloration. Right click on the image to see it in isolation.

To complete this project we need 2 versions of this button. Both will have the word "Reviews" stamped on it (instead of "Pixish") in a font style similar or identical to the existing design. Note the inclined lettering, as it is expected in your design.

One version of the button will have a dark green background similar or identical to the current dark green background.

The other version of the button will have an orange backround that matches the darkest shade of orange that appears in the navigation bar.

IMPORTANT: The dimensions of the image should not change, nor should the 2 circular radii that appear within it. Also, coloration on the outer ring needs to remain exactly as is, and fade from the bottom to the top, so that it blends with the existing header area seen on the demo site.

REQUIREMENTS: The final images will be delivered as Vector and PNG files.

Our clients will elect to chose one or the other button for their review site.

For bonus points, a slight radial fade might enhance the look of the button, but is not required (lighter towards center). Rather no fade than a poor attempt to add that feature.

Both versions of the button, or all four if you decide to add a radial fade along with solid background versions, should appear in a single submission.

Contest Notes:This is a rather simple contest with a very well-defined end result. If your entry does not match at least the quality of the mock up then you should not submit it.

Questions/Comments:If you have any questions or feedback for us please leave a comment in the discussion thread. We will be checking this on a regular basis while the contest is happening.

Good luck on the contest. We look forward to seeing your work!

Future Opportunities:Even if you don't win this contest but you do provide a high quality entry, we may be interested in referring clients to you who need a button created (for around $40 perhaps) but with custom lettering (e.g. "Car Reviews", "iPhone Reviews", etc) depending on the nature of their niche.


Stephen Carter


- Images that work well with the current mockup
- Close attention to the provided instructions

Ne veut pas

- This is not a contest in which creativity is likely to serve you too well

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