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Utility to unify your favorite multimedia apps needs icon!

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Before I get stuck in, let me cut to the chase: the contest if for someone to design me an icon for my new OS X / iPhone utility. What follows is an explanation of who I am and what I'm trying to achieve...

My name is Jamie Kirkpatrick, founder of a new indie software startup, KirkCode. I've been in the software development business for six years now and am finally attempting to strike out on my own with a new commercial venture in my spare time with the long-term aim of giving up the dayjob (how original!)

In my day job I write mostly B2B enterprise level software applications, but for many years now I've been focussing on OS X projects in every spare moment I have. I've contributed to several well known OS X products, and was previously the lead developer for Growl, which some of you will know (

The main thing you should know about me is that I write software because I love doing it....I'm extermely passionate about the code I write and always strive for top-quality: I'm looking to form a potentially lasting relationship with a top-notch designer who shares the same passion for their art as I do for my code.

I'd like to stress that even though I'm just getting started out, I know my space well enough to know that the visual appeal of a product is just as important as the code I write. That's why I'm prepared to invest in your time at such an early stage of my venture: I know that in order to cut it in this world a product must not only be better than it's competition in terms of functionality and implementation, it must also look shit hot!!!!

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My target audience is two-fold. The idea of the product is to simplify and unify multiple media applications in a way that makes it intuitive enough for even your mum to use.

The key point is that these users will be casual computer users who stumble on my awesome product and find it indispensable. They will like Music and Videos and watching TV and they will have some appreciation for how awesome doing this on a Mac is and how much better it is with my product.

The second category of users are OS X / iPhone users who are tech saavy but care hugely about the beauty of a finished product. I guess I'm aiming at people like myself.

To give you a clue, if a piece of software looks bad, I more often than not throw it away without giving it much of a chance. This sounds terrible coming from a software developer but I know that OS X / iPhone users do not tollerate bad design


Mogul (name derived from the term, Media Mogul) is a media aggregator and control center for users running OS X that aims to unify all your favorite media applications under a single consistent interface for the iPhone and the Mac. The iPhone (and soon iPad) act as a control interface very much like the free Apple remote app but for all media sources)

What I'm looking for from you is the application icon that will provide the product with a launchpad for it's visual identity. In the first place I'm looking for a 512x512 icon that will be used for the desktop / server component of the application, but in the future I'll be looking for something for the iPhone component as well.

The icon should be eye catching a simple: for me a good example of this is the Spotify icon. It doesn't necessarily denote anything in particular but it has connotations that relate to the target space (network singals, sound waves or something along those lines).

The focus of my app is visual and audio media, search, aggregation and control. Hopefully those words give you something to go on. The name Mogul is also a clue: the idea is that the "Media Mogul" is the master of your media....take the idea and run with it :)

If you want more information about the product I'm releasing please download the full briefing explaining how the product was conceived and what it aims to do.

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