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Just Two Facebook Election Game Icons

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I write software to enable social change. I am a hacktivist.
I do not think this is the first facebook application to support a political campaign, but I want to make it the best.

I am working with a particular campaign, but I want my application to function for any campaign anywhere in the world, for any party.

I have a considerable reputation for doing what I do, and I will be creating a blog post giving credit to the artist who wins the challenge. I cannot pay much but I can help with some reputation gain.

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This is going to be a facebook application. Like so many facebook applications there will be a "badge" system. This badge system will be the basic marker for what real-world political support a particular facebook user or group of users gave to a given candidate. I need unique badges supporting a 'key' theme.

At this point I am only looking for a key design template, for 'Just a key' and 'key on a key ring'
I should be able to use the key template to make keys with words or simple images on the face. If you want to help design some of my specific keys.. that is great... but not required at all. I hope to hire the winning designer to work on specific keys after the contest.

The badges should be capable of supporting the notions of both degrees and group fulfilment.

So if for instance I earn the "forget me not" badge, then I get an image of key with the face of the key having a symbol about memory (not an elephant for obvious reasons, its a loaded image ;D ) but if I earn that badge -and- a facebook friend also earns the badge, then I get a new badge: the same key, but this time on a key ring.

Sometimes there will be badges with levels. Like bronze, silver, gold. So the key color should be easy to change if possible. This is for things like "registered 10 voters, registered 50 voters, registered 100 voters" etc etc.


I need the following items made into badges that look like keys. Its ok if you do not want to do all of them, but I need to have a key template for at least A: 1 key and B. one key on a key-chain that has enough room on the 'face' of the key for me to add these concepts myself.

FAE means "a facebook friend also earned". For each "key" below there should be a version of the key on a "ring" to symbolize that someone else in the persons social network has also earned the key.

The keys>
forget me not: Sign up for a 'remind me to vote' call
motivated buddy: A friend joins with supported candidate political affiliation
buddy: A facebook friend joins
converted buddy: A friend joins with opposite political affiliation
your voice: Write an endorsement
get the picture: Take a picture with a candidate sign (handmade or official) on election day (this is a "supporter photo")
buddy photo: friend tagged in supporter photo
vote party: (supporter photo with 5+ people)
big vote party: (10+ people)
huge vote party: ( 20+ people)
ultimate vote party: ( 50+ people)
voted here: use facebook places check-in at the voting station on election day
handshake: tagged in a photo with candidate
volunteer: volunteer at candidate headquarters
man the phones: call people for the campaign
paint the canvas: canvas for the campaign
at the rally: use facebook places check-in to show that you attended a candidate speech or rally
registrar: help the campaign register a voter
registrar master: help the campaign register 100 voters
carry the sign:
met the challenge:
financial supporter: donate

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